Other Revenue Streams For A Model: Quick Guide

Most think the life of a model is an incredibly lucrative one. However, it isn’t always that simple. Models at the outset of their career, or even those in the middle of their career can go through a lul where they’re going to need some more cash. There are plenty of other opportunities for models to pull money in. Each will treat their money differently which is why certain advice won’t apply to everybody. It’s important to apply financial advice to yourself on a personal basis, not simply as a blanket approach. These tips can help you get started. Even if you’ve tried them before, they can help shift your perspective to one of success.

Start With A Shoutout

A lot of models have decent followings on social media at the moment. Especially if they’ve been in their career for a certain amount of time. Leverage this and offer shout outs. Businesses might want you to mention their brand on Twitter, or on another platform. You charge a certain rate for this boom, you’ve got more money. Just be careful what brands you go for. Many businesses want shout outs from games consoles to contraception methods. The key for you is to highlight and pick the ones which wouldn’t damage your following. So go for ones which aren’t divisive and which would actually benefit the people who follow you. Also, you can’t do this too much, because you’ll end up flooding your media pages.



Models can be paid quite a bit of money for certain photo shoots. The trick is to save and invest when you can. Investing money isn’t for everyone, and there’s certainly multiple routes to go down to make it a success. From funds, bonds, stocks and shares, you need to be aware of what’s happening and for a lot of working people they won’t have the time to put into it. Consider a fund or something managed for you. That way your money can work for you and when the time comes where you need it, you’ll be able to live a bit more comfortably.

Acting Work

Sometimes this can cross over. It’s about setting your sites on a different industry and using any contacts or tips you might have. An inside track. Again modelling and acting don’t go together but there is certainly space for models to thrive in the industry. They cross over more easily than modeling and other industries in any case. You might approach a talent agency, or you might already be a member of one where you can simply speak to your agent and ask them if they can point to casting calls.


You might have heard of this as it’s grown in popularity over the past year. Many A-list celebrities are getting involved such as Micheal B Jordan. Essentially it’s a space to share content of yours only accessible by paying customers who subscribe. It isn’t for anyone, but there’s certainly some extra cash to be made there. You can link it to other social media too and have them work together. For example you can promote OnlyFans on instagram. It just depends how far you wanted to take it because it can become almost a full time job.

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