5 things to try in Ireland

If you are planning on visiting Ireland from abroad, then you might be worried about what to do when you are there. Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a very proud population, and a holiday to Ireland should stay etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Here are five things that you should try whilst you are in Ireland, that we think any adult would enjoy if they are open to the experience.

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Guinness Storehouse

Ireland and Guinness are intricately linked, not only in real but also in the general public’s mind, and for good reason. First brewed in 1759, the drink is massively popular in and out of Ireland.

The Guinness Storehouse is in Dublin and has seven floors to experience, in which you will be taught about the drink. You will also be served the drink if you go to any of the tastings offered or the rooftop bar.

It is open almost every day of the year, with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Saint Stephens day the three exceptions, so any of the time of the year is perfect to delve deeper into the famous Irish stout/

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Celebrated across the world and especially in the US, the best place to truly experience St Patrick’s day must be Ireland itself.

The celebrations on the day are excessive and the general atmosphere is magical. Traditional music sessions are done in the streets and there are many festivals and parades across the country.

Historically, Saint Patrick’s Day was not that big of a deal in Ireland itself, but rather for non-Irish people or the Irish living abroad. Since the turn of the twentieth century, it has been celebrated more and more fervently, and over five hundred thousand people were crammed in Dublin centre in 2018 for the celebrations.

Today, Saint Patrick’s Day is a spectacle to behold, culturally similar to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, so if you are in Ireland in March, make sure to join in, and make sure to wear green!

Try out your Irish Luck

Dublin is home to several high street casinos that go alongside the traditional online options that you’d find at sites like Betfree slots and Bet365 Casino. The Sporting Emporium is located near the famous St Stephens Green and it’s the most popular of the casinos in Dublin. Alongside that you have Playland which is located next to the famous Spire on Oconnell st and Fitzpatricks also close to that.

These spots are often filled with both tourists and regulars alike, and offer a great change from the usual pub environment.

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Contrarily to the two previous examples of things to do in Ireland, this one is not particularly thought of as Irish, but the Irish landscape and sea can make for the most picturesque of kayak trips.

Cork is the best place to do this. It is often referred to as the Venice of the North and a kayak through this town will show you why. Cork is built in a swamp at the lowest point of the River Lee and it remains one of the most fortified and vibrant walled settlements in all of Great Britain.

Kayaking is a very enjoyable activity almost anywhere, but in Cork it combines to make a fascinating trip not just through the water but through history as well, and even for those who do not usually feel comfortable in a kayak will enjoy this if they relax and lean into the activity.

Irish Maritime Festival

The Irish Maritime Festival is organised every year in June, and it is worth going to Drogheda Port even if it is out of your way. The banks of the Boyne river become alive with swimmers attempting to swim across it and many spectators watching their efforts

Some ships also provide some fascination exploration and it is an ideal place to sample local cuisine and enjoy local craft beer. It is a truly magical time, and the atmosphere is difficult for me to explain.

Brigit’s Garden

Brigit’s garden is set within eleven acres of natural woodland and wildflower meadows. It is a symbol for Celtic culture and heritage, and there is something enchanting about it. The amount of work that goes into arranging it is clear, and some parts of the garden are breath-taking.

This is a great place to bring children to a discovery trail, a natural playground and specifically dedicated activities. It can also host weddings and special events, but in my opinion, it is best experienced by just walking through it.

The atmosphere is very relaxing, and it has proven to be good for your physical and mental health to surround yourself with nature. When the nature in question is Brigit’s Garden, it is easy to see why.

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