Less is more with Assortment Gallery

That big gold-colored logo on your orange T-shirt that you eventually – thank god – got rid of? You will not find anything like this in the collection of www.assortment-gallery.com. There is no room for superfluous details. Quality, functionality and individuality features that have been a constant in the collections from the very start. In for a fresh, sporty look? Then you wear your trousers with a nice AG logo shirt made of soft, breathable cotton. When you go out for a drink in the evening, put on your favorite outfit and your stylish AG watch.

Their women’s and men’s collection has little print and the color palette is somewhat sober with shades such as light gray, beige, white and black. But that is precisely the advantage, because believe me: you will end up getting bored with those basic colors a lot less quickly than with your bright orange shirt. Oh yes, all items have a wonderfully comfortable, somewhat roomy fit. The monotone and spaciousness of the clothes give the clothes a touch of that nice timeless and classic chic vibe.

As a fashionable minimalist you don’t always have to wear the same thing. Assortment Gallery has a great collection of fashionable items that are of good quality and last a long time. They are also suitable for several seasons and can be combined with practically everything. It’s all about making fashionable and functional choices. This is a brand that showcases and celebrates individuality, especially for people who want simple tones and shy away from the intensely elaborate.

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