No More Dry, Rough Hands SaniMoist® A Revolutionary Cream Based 2 in 1 Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Our hands are one of our most important features, between nails and jewelry we want to display a soft beautiful hand.

Then one year ago we got hit with the pandemic.  All we heard from medical and news was wash and sanitize our hands many times each day to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  The alcohol-based hand sanitizers leave hands dry, cracked and irritated.

Like many of my readers, our hands were destroyed, rough, dry and scaly.  

Through a friend I located SaniMoist® Moisturizing Cream Based Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers as a solution to this problem. The product is manufactured by Trigg Laboratories which saw a critical market need and stepped up to meet it.   What a difference in my hands!

SaniMoist® 2 IN 1 Moisturizing Cream Based Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, while the soothing lotion hydrates and softens your skin.  SaniMoist® is free from parabens and formulated to meet the preferences of highly discerning consumers.  Premium ingredients such as pure plant-based coconut glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, mint leaf, lavender and rosemary make them suitable for even sensitive skin and a great alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers or traditional hand creams.  

The introductory assortment includes infused Vanilla, infused Lavender and a fragrance-free version. All three versions of SaniMoist® are NDC registered, cruelty free (never tested on animals) and manufactured in an FDA registered, 13485 ISO certified laboratory that has been trusted for over 30 years.

 “Unlike traditional liquid and gel alcohol hand sanitizers which are harsh and have a drying, cracking effect, SaniMoist® 2 IN 1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Creams moisturize and nourish skin while killing 99.9% of germs,” stated Michael Trigg, Founder of Trigg Laboratories.

Luckily, SaniMoist® Moisturizing Cream Based Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers do not use the traditional alcohol base to kill germs. Instead, they rely on gentler Benzalkonium Chloride to perform this task. As such, they offer outstanding hygiene without the common side effects. Your skin is left soft, soothed and sanitized.

We have all learned over the past year the importance of sanitizing our hands, but even after the pandemic this is a habit I will continue especially when traveling internationally!

I like to kill germs, but I don’t want my hands to suffer because of harsh ingredients. It is fabulous we have a choice that will keep our hands sanitized and skin soft.

You can purchase SaniMoist® on Amazon.

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