How to style the Trend of the Season: Women Pant Suits


There is nothing more powerful and sexier than women in a pantsuit. In the past, pantsuits were considered to be only men’s clothing options. They wore them to work and any other formal occasions. Man in a suit was recognized as an elegant, smart and respectful man. However, as the times and fashion changed, the women’s fashion choices became much more varied and women’s suits became a new fashion trend. Instead of the skirt as the main fashion garment for women, the pantsuit became the power look. Women started wearing pantsuits at most different occasions and today, there are unavoidable parts of their wardrobe. The women’s pantsuits come as a two piece set of blazer and pants. However, the cut, the tailoring, the fabrics, the prints and the motifs of each of them make them so unique and fashionable, so that there are lots of options to choose from depending on the occasion or the season.

Women Tuxedo

Women tuxedos are the most official and elegant version of the suits. They are smart, the tailoring is perfected to the inch and the details are so sophisticated that they create the best looks. Suitable for formal occasions like weddings, black tie affairs, prom, business meetings, the women’s tuxedo is an ultra-powerful and classic look. The beauty of it lays in the fabric it is made of. The blazer can come in two lengths – classic short or longer one. The pants come with a straight leg, slim fit and the length can be full or cropped. The buttoning for women’s tuxedo is usually up to 2 buttons. The lapels are shiny and feminine and they usually come in combination with same shiny lines on the sides of the pants. The fashion today allows mixing colors so the black and white lapels can be paired with the same or different colors of the suit. When choosing a tuxedo, always opt for the black, white or navy color. All of these are formal and neutral colors that do not ruin the elegance.

Classic pantsuit

The classic cut of the popular pantsuit comes with many different version and prints. The most common classic two-piece pantsuit is a business choice for many women who want to leave a serious impression. Depending on the season, the classic pantsuit is made from wool, cotton, and linen. All of these fabrics are very soft and comfortable for wearing. It comes with the option of single or double breasting and buttoning. The cut is smart, and the length of both the blazer and the jacket are subject to personal likings. As far as the color options, the black pantsuit and the royal blue pantsuit are the work-appropriate color choices that are respectful, elegant and approved. The white women’s pantsuit is an extremely nice and beautiful outfit that many women choose as their wedding attire. A white pantsuit is a wonderful option for a summer wedding. The neutral white alongside clean cut and lines describes simplicity and purity, yet it is extremely elegant and unique. As the black, navy and royal blue pants suits are the safe options, the white one is daring and eye-catching. The pantsuit is a must two-piece set in every woman’s closet, so if you are buying your first one, choose the classic black one, with full-length pants. The length of the blazer depends on your height – if you are tall, go for the longer one, and if you are shorter, go for the classic one.

New trends in women’s pantsuits

Alongside the classic colors, the current trends are presenting something different. The grey-checked print is a popular retro choice that is neutral and cool. It is suitable for work or night outing and flatters all body figures. The pants can come in a regular long or cropped version. The boyfriend’s pantsuit is the oversized model that resembles a wardrobe borrowed from your boyfriend. The cut of the blazer is masculine, clean, straight, with wide shoulders and oversized. The pants are straight and wide. The striped pantsuit is also a very trendy set that comes with a long blazer and high-waisted pants. It is modern, yet semi-formal, and usually, the leg is wide. The latest comeback of the bell leg has found its way into pantsuits too. It comes in monochromatic versions of the suit, for example, on the red pantsuit, where the jacket has a slim cut, while the leg is long and bell-like shaped. This is a very popular outfit among celebrities.

Styling a pantsuit

Depending on the occasion or event, the women’s pantsuit can be styled in several ways. Business and work events require smart and elegant appearance, so a long-sleeved shirt is a classic option. The white shirt goes with every color of the pantsuit and it is safe, expected and common choice. Weddings and other formal occasions allow a change in the style that involves shirts with cleavage, see-through materials, and subtle prints. As for the footwear, classic high heels add to the style and complete each look. They can be in the same color as the pantsuit or in some other vibrant one which will give the outfit pop of color. For those who are looking to transform the elegant suit into a sporty and casual outfit, the sneakers are the right footwear as they create a balance between the sporty and the official.

Women’s pantsuits are different and each is unique in their cut and final look. With or without pockets, with or without belt loops, the pantsuit is called a power suit for a reason. Men are expected to be seen in suits and look good in them. But women if pantsuits look extremely powerful, fierce, fiery, ready to take on the world. The seriousness the pantsuit creates gives a strict and loud message that the person wearing it knows her place in the world. The fashion market has a lot to offer, so the pantsuit today is available for women with different heights, weights, body shapes.

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