London restaurants that have created a stir among foodies


London is a great attraction for Chefs and food aficionados alike. New eateries are coming up rapidly, and areas that had earlier been devoid of decent restaurants now have too many. Numerous restaurants in London offer the most improved gastronomic experience, and foodies often face the problem of plenty to select the place of their choice. It is not easy to navigate through the crowded restaurant scene of the city unless you get some experienced and reliable guidance. In this article, we have discussed some best restaurants in London for foodies. While the term ‘best’ is quite debatable, the restaurants that figure in this article are surely the ones that have created a stir.

Claude Bosi at Bibendum

Master Chef Claude Bosi is not new to London or the city dwellers that have sweet memories of the time when the Frenchman was at his best in Hibiscus. With the closure of the Hibiscus, Londoners were anxiously waiting for Bosi’s return that has now happened at Bibendum, South Kensington. Many connoisseurs and food watchers describe it as a restaurant with the capabilities of profound understanding about simple virtues. The starters are so appealing that it ranks among the top in the excellent list of London foodies. The ground floor houses the seafood restaurant where the oyster bar doubles up as a cocktail bar. The Bosi dining experience awaits you on the first floor.

Dandy Cafe

Dandy Cafe was the name that made the restaurant famous for pop up food. However, from April 2017, when the restaurant moved to its new address at Newington Green, the name got a makeover. Cafe disappeared from the name, and its new name is Dandy, the dream of an Aussie pair who launched it. Despite its newness, the restaurant has caught the fancy of foodies who are going gaga about the splendid cooking that seems to be the best so far in London this year. The secret of success of the cuisines is the rare combination of flavours that make the foods special. The travel experiences of the founders influence the menu that includes some new specialities not heard of before.

Blacklock City

Remember the restaurant in Soho that made chops with cocktails a trademark of its own? The same restaurant Blacklock City has opened a second shop in London now that promises the same feel of the Soho restaurant.  The restaurant will compel you to come back time and again for a taste of its chops and steaks that you can bet upon as none to match in London. Sizzling cuts of meats with a cocktail at Blacklock is what any foodie would be delighted to have.

Duck and Waffle Local

If you have an inclination for duck meat, then this is the place to explore the gastronomic appeal of the bird in all its nuances. Whether it is the original duck waffle, a duck jam doughnut or the duck burger with crispy duck leg, there are endless varieties of recipes to entertain the guests. Vegetarian dishes also appear on the menu along with cocktails.

About the author: Mandy Bular is a food writer who is associated with some leading online food guide sites. She has helped these sites in listing the best restaurants in London for foodies. She is a great fan of Lionel Messy, the soccer stalwart and legend.


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