Get unstuck with a transformational yoga retreat in Ibiza

Reconnect with your inner self and the world around you and retreat from all the overwhelming daily influences.

Think about this: When was the last time you could travel to actually feel fully relaxed and have a proper vacation for body and soul? A few months ago, I was asked the same question and realized how most of my adventures eventually exhaust me. Yes, they are always fun and memorable, but when I thought about this I realized that after a vacation I always need a few days to rest. Travel gives us experience and help us grow, no doubt about it, but afterwards there is always that moment where we desperately wish to go back to where we just traveled from. I bet it sounds familiar.

transformational yoga retreat

During my Yoga retreat in Ibiza at Solar Yoga Retreats

Detox your body

We are so busy every day, that we forget to shut off for a while and have a moment of peace and retreat from all the stress, noise, phones and our screens. A yoga retreat is also a great way to detox your body from junk food. All meals are healthy and vegetarian. I noticed I’m so used to eating sugar and felt much clearer after eating healthy for 5 days. We tent to underestimate how much food can influence or well-being and mood.

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Solar Yoga Retreats Ibiza Image @modelonamission

Transformational yoga retreat

What is so great about transformational travel is that it relaxes the very core of your being. It is a perfect escape from everyday worries through yoga, meditation and relaxation, in every possible sense. We love travelling and love adventure, but sometimes we don’t know how to stop and rest. That is what a transformational yoga retreat is there to teach us. We don’t follow the signals our body sends us when we are tired. We don’t pause in the moment and feel overwhelmed. A transformational yoga retreat transforms your life by taking you to places and doing exercises that will make you reconnect with your inner self and the world around you and retreat from all the overwhelming daily influences.

Detox your body with healthy food

It really helps you forget to even check your phone. It is a vacation for the soul a way to charge your batteries and escape everyday life and noisy surroundings while travelling. A yoga retreat is all the name says, a luxurious treat for the whole body, because besides travel and adventure it includes meditation, yoga, relaxation, art therapy and visiting the most stunning locations, and we all know how powerful that is.

Solar Yoga Retreats Ibiza Casa Corazon

Inner balance

The best thing about this yoga retreat is that it promotes true well-being instead of sitting on the beach with your phone, doing the same thing you do at home. It helps you turn to yourself, to nature and actually listen to the world around you it brings peace and adventure together, creating a real, proper vacation. A transformational yoga retreat is here to help us reconnect, motivate and inspire us, encourage us and bring inner peace and relaxation, which is a big step forward to the transformation of our lives and what we get from such travel lasts far longer than a few days.

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Silent walking meditation with a great view

Art Therapy

Art therapy has a healing effect. With image, sound and dance you learn to express your inner feelings. Travel combined with yoga, art therapy and meditation is a unique experience, because such trips help us get truly unstuck from our daily routines and balance ourselves better, and more inner balance means less stress. Isn’t that awesome?

Art Therapy

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