When Comparing Laser vs Waxing, Laser Hair Removal Wins

A study that surveyed beauty habits revealed that women will spend nearly 72 days of their life shaving. Shaving in itself is time-consuming, but because hair grows back so quickly, it is also the repetitiveness the process requires that takes up so much time.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to shaving that reduce the commitment.

Keep reading this guide to learn about laser vs waxing as strategies for hair removal!

Laser Vs. Waxing

Waxing is a hair removal strategy that requires wax, an applicator, and strips. Hot wax should be applied to a patch of hair. Once the wax is applied, a strip should be laid on top of it.

To remove the hair, the strip needs to be pulled off and should go against the direction of hair growth.

There are two kinds of wax: soft and hard. Soft wax adheres to the hair and the skin and is commonly used on the legs. However, for more sensitive spots on the body, hard wax is recommended. Hard wax only adheres to hair and doesn’t require removal strips.

Waxing pulls the hair out from the root, leaving the skin smooth, and giving individuals more time in between waxing than shaving would.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of waxing are extensive. Any waxing procedure will result in pain and redness due to the pulling of the skin. After waxing, some skin is prone to developing rashes, bumps, and even ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal on the other hand, uses the emission of lights which eventually heat the hair follicles. This either destroys the hair follicles to prevent new hair from growing or delays the growth of hair. 

Experts recommend laser hair removal over waxing.

Length Between Laser Removal

So, how long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal, generally happens over a series of laser treatments. Once an entire area has been treated, it can prevent hair growth for years. Even when the hair regrows, it is often sparse and is easily treated with additional laser treatments. 

Hair Removal Pain Tolerance

One of the biggest factors in choosing laser vs waxing for hair removal is that the process is less painful, but does laser hair removal hurt?

Most patients that have experienced laser hair removal describe feeling like their skin is being pinched, or repeatedly snapped with a rubber band. Some patients wonder about more sensitive areas of the skin, for example, is Brazilian laser painful when compared to Brazilian wax?

More sensitive skin will result in greater feelings of pain, but yes, most patients still prefer laser over waxing.

Finding Hair Removal Services

Finding the best laser hair removal services requires a little bit of work. However, when performing the search, there are several things a patient should look for. First and foremost, look into the type of services that a hair removal clinic provides, like specific areas of the body.

Secondly, some clinics may offer patch tests.

A patch test is performing laser treatment on a small surface area of the body. This allows the patient to determine whether they can withstand treatment, and informs the practitioner of how the patient’s skin will react to the treatment.

Finally, each hair removal service should have strong reviews and recommendations.

Silky Smooth

Despite how time-consuming shaving can be, many women continue to do it to be rewarded with smooth skin. To save time, it may be best to try other methods. In the fight against laser vs waxing, laser seems to come out on top!

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