Losing your heart over that chic dress you just brought? Not the wintery type? Worry no more! Who says you cannot sport a summer dress in winters?! Pick up a few add-ons & accessories, & voila! Your summer dress is transformed into a trendy winter ensemble! So here are a few hacks to layering your western dress like a Pro!

Coats & Blazers

It is officially the season for bringing out those sexy & chic blazers for the professional yet classy look, going for a vertical layering style with open fronts or collared shirts underneath those turtle-necks topped with the coat, coupled with wrap-around scarves & stoles at give it that extra dynamic, shedding off that extra volume chunky look & giving out a sleek, slim-fit elegance to your outfit. You can also go for the classic trench-coat look to make the ultimate style statement!


The Chunky Layers

Layering your dress with Chunky add-ons is one classic way to rock that winter look! Be it woollen scarves rounding up your neckline or a baggy pullover topped with a few accessories here & there, the chunky layers add that much needed oomph to your winter ensemble! Make sure you wear slim fits with your chunky top-ups to create that fun yet classy charm…


Adding that Funk

Bring out your denim or leather jackets, throw on some minimal accessories & voila! You’ve got that funky yet stylish winter attire to go! With the season shifting to some darker shades one can add the bling & extra dash of pop by teaming up your dress with these layers for the sexy rocker chick look!


Accessories all the way!

Why just limit yourself to classic layer add-ons? Bring out some trendy accessories to go with your summer dress layer-up, like leg warmers, high socks, woollen stocking, scarves, woollen hats, ear muffs, gloves et all. Not only do they transform your attire in the simplest of ways but keep you warm & in vogue!

If you think about putting in some jewellery, make sure it is minimalized & doesn’t downplay the winter look you’re trying to achieve here.



Wrap Arounds’

While you’re getting ample opportunity to throw in layers, yet another fashionable way to pull of that look with your summer dress is to add on some wrap arounds’ & ponchos. Not only do they make up for some classic layering, it gives you endless options to style your own ensemble in various ways with the same piece!


Dos & Don’ts

  • Make sure you layer over your summer dress to avoid the stuffy bulked look & give a rather outgoing winter chic.
  • Couple your scarves with cardigans or some considerable layers to keep in the warmth & keep the hefty fabrics on top, while the slimmer ones layered underneath.
  • Avoid the same patterns for different layer pieces to maintain the contrast.
  • Keep in mind the necklines of the layers you try to mix & match, for the wrong shape can downplay the entire look
  • Keep in mind your body shape before you choose your layering style, fabrics & cuts for the mix & match.
  • Try to create a colour contrast for each of the layers to add that dash of pop & colour to the look.
  • A shorter top layer goes great with your dress, bringing out both their highlights & adding that much needed twist.
  • Try putting up with neutrals in at least one layer to match-up with almost all your other pieces.

So what are you waiting for? Keep in mind these simple hacks, get your classics to go with your summer dress & create the prefect layer-up for winters!


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