Baroque Paper Wig brings creativity to hairstyles

Creativity is the corner stone to our modern society. We are in a time where creating new and innovative things, both tangible and intangible, is pushing society forward. We are seeing creativity affecting every industry and segment in today’s world. Fashion and the arts are still the segments that you will encounter the most creativity.

Asya Kozina, a Russian artist has shown some of her creative ways with hair styles that draw inspiration from the historical-era. Kozina has a series of “baroque paper wigs” that replicates the unique Victorian-era hairstyles. Kozina uses individually crafted sheets, curled and cut into permed locks. She sculpts the wigs into anything from flowers to sailboats. Her sculpted styles show a creativity that is unparalleled. With ombre clip in hair extension you can create a total different look and hairstyles.


Asya has been creating these paper wigs for more than 2 years and have seen them worn by models as an exquisite are piece. She has also catered to some of the models request to have an entire dress sculpted out of paper in connection to the hair piece. Asya Kozina has emphasized the importance of the craftsmanship that she put in her pieces. She likes her pieces to be very extravagant and futuristic and her work reflects her creative interest.
Creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas, in the production of an artistic work. Asya’s baroque paper wigs definitely meet the mentioned definition. Asya used her imagination and envisioned an original idea of resurrection historical wig in her own unique way. A way that had grabbed the attention of the fashion world for its creativity. Asya continues to develop different style pieces gradually increase in difficulty and its beauty. If you also want to create a different hair look try out human hair ponytail extension.


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