Eyewear options for the new year


Making a style statement is every fashionista’s goal. The right shoes, the right dress, and the right jewelry not only stand out in a crowd, they make the wearer feel confident and sexy. One fashion accessory that can turn heads is the right pair of sunglasses. For those needing help picking out this essential add-on, here are some eyewear options for the new year.

The shades

A hot trend that has returned from the past is the tinted shade. And not just any shade – the amber tone has been splashing its way onto the fashion scene. There’s no need to go without UV protection, and shoppers can find rimless, plastic, flip-up, and heart-shaped versions of this ‘70s throwback.

Despite the amber love, there’s room for other colors as designers have started to match lenses to clothing or use ombre tinting in their fashion lines. The bug-eye lens is also a popular choice for the future, and super dark lenses can look great in any kind of frame.

The frames

Frames are another area where fashion rules. Cat-eye shades project the ultimate in sophistication, and can be found in a variety of colors like navy, white, or silver. Aviator frames are always in style, and designers are constantly adding new elements to the basic concept, such as mirrored lenses, double rims, or silver-toned frames. Those who want to stick with things that fly can consider butterfly wing frames.

Oversized sunglasses made a comeback a few years ago, and they are showing mighty staying power for the future. With shapes from round to oval to octagonal, they continue to be a rock-solid investment that also provides great sun protection for much more than the eyes.

If designers took bracelets or jewelry and made them into frames, that would be one way of explaining the trend for embellished rims. Whether fully bedazzled, or sporting a floral or animal print, these frames will take any pair of sunglasses up a notch on the fashion ladder. Like color, frames can be paired with clothing to create the ultimate in ensemble dressing.

To Rx or not to Rx?

One consideration when investing in sunglasses is whether to buy prescription lenses. For someone who wears glasses, this means switching back and forth, which in turns may lead to scratches, or misplacing one of the pairs. Contact lens wearers don’t need prescription sunglasses, but then must deal with what to do when they aren’t wearing their contacts. In the long run, the best choice may be laser eye surgery. it is a relatively simple way to permanently correct vision or to remove cataracts that cloud the eyesight. There are numerous specialists performing these procedures throughout the country. If you happen to live in the Denver area a reputable surgeon can be located at cataract surgery Denver.

The world of eyewear is as unique and individual as the fashion mavens who wear them. As the new year approaches, it will be exciting to see the diversity of styles and colors available. It will certainly ensure both runways and walks in the park are interesting to see.

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