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Whilst dance was part of my life for many years, learning how to express emotions through movement instead of rigidly following a strict routine felt incredibly healing.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what inspired you to become a mindful movement instructor?
You know the story that sounds very inspirational but is seemingly impossible for us to experience? The one where a very successful professional decides to leave his/her career and move to a warm country to teach yoga, become a healer or just travel around the world with a backpack looking for the answer of why they are here? Well, this very much sounds like my story too.

With huge enthusiasm to reach for the stars I left my home in Lithuania after school and moved to the UK. Whilst studying in University I was starting my path to success in real estate. Within a few years I was managing operations for exclusive, crème-de la creme developments in London. After 14 years in this fast paced, demanding environment I couldn’t find fulfilment. I seemed to have been ticking all of boxes society wanted me to tick, yet I felt somewhat empty.

Years of internal struggle with intense perfectionism and self-love, sparked a worldwide journey of self-discovery and healing. With each trip I wanted to dive deeper and deeper, it felt like I was shedding old skin and seeing things clearly for the first time. During this time, I studied with masters of many traditions and learned how to use various practices to help myself and start living a more conscious life.

Whilst dance was part of my life for many years, learning how to express emotions through movement instead of rigidly following a strict routine felt incredibly healing. Combining Nia technique, Yin Yoga, martial arts into dance practice gives space to get rid of all that no longer serves and instead energizes. This is my ‘happiness pill’ and why I always include movement in my workshops.

yoni egg

What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

  • Everything evolves and there is nothing permanent. People, situations, relationships constantly move through cycles. Whilst this might sound a little depressing it actually is an incredibly useful tool for growth.
  • Your conscious mind will always give you a list of reasons why going after your dream is not a good idea. It likes being in its comfort zone and sees any new idea as a threat to continuity. It does take a little effort to reprogram the conscious mind to adapt to the new ‘normal’.
  • If you are truthful to yourself and know what you want, all doors will open for you to live that dream. I now know this is not just a great sounding bumper sticker.

Can you tell us more about your Yoni egg workshops and how women can benefit from this?
Every woman is unique and precious, and so we all deserve to be loved and appreciated. Social conditioning and many years of pleasure being a taboo subject supressed sensual and multi-orgasmic powers of many women. We adapted to pleasure being very linear without realising the potential our bodies have and I was no exception. Deep down I knew there must be more to it and went to study Tantric and Taoist practices. It turned my intimate life upside down-in a fantastic way! And I am very passionate about sharing this with other women, inviting them to break free of all constraints and have most pleasurable experiences.

In the workshops we move, do breathing and various tantric exercises, and of course study the art of Taoist Yoni egg practice.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitalia that means ‘sacred space’.  And Yoni egg is a beautiful semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina.

The Yoni egg techniques awaken or enhance our connection with sexual and creative energy, maintain healthy pelvic floor, support the flow of energy though our vital organs and whole body and increase sensitivity which means more dexterity and access to pleasure for the woman and also her partner.

What tools/tips do you have for women to practice more self-care and
heal themselves from past hurts ?

  • Connect with other women in sisterhood circles and spaces where you can be raw. I find this to be very empowering.
  • Allow yourself to feel emotions and ride the wave, do not keep it inside. If that means going to the forest and shouting loud-do it! Emotions kept inside the body will inevitably turn into supressed traumas and this road doesn’t lead anywhere nice.
  • If you are feeling called to do more intense block and trauma release there are many ways to do it. Pick the one that feels right for you and trust your intuition when choosing a healer.
  • When your body needs nurturing, run yourself a bath with salts, candles and flower petals (!) Seems like something so small but after it you will feel like a Goddess.
  • Fill your body with nutritious and organic food, use natural skincare and spend 1 hour each day to do something that brings you joy.

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