Hipster Fashion Is Dead, But Casual Nerds Still Rock On

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The smart casual geek style has been around for a couple of decades now and it’s safe to say, it’s outlasted the hipster movement. The latter wasn’t really genuine, it felt forced and tried to make the casual geek style something it wasn’t. The hipster style was big on large frame glasses, sometimes without lenses. It just tried too hard to be cute and lovable and it wasn’t going to work out. Thankfully, the true nerd style is alive and well. In fact, it’s one of the best go-to casual styles in the world. It doesn’t matter what body shape you have, what weight you are or what kind of facial structure you have, this is something anyone can pull off.

Urban, country or nerd?

Praise the fashion gods for not allowing the debacle of the hipster movement to ruin the plaid shirt. It’s a fantastic nerdy item because it’s simple and goes with almost any top and or jacket. Plaid shirts in red and blue are the most common, so you may want to venture out into green or purple. Brown or burgundy plaid shirts with the minimal pattern is definitely something to experiment with if you’re into dark denim jeans. However, plaid shirts also have a bit of the urban streetwear and country lifestyle written all over them. How can you make it nerdy? Don’t roll up your sleeves and buttoning up the shirt except for the top button, would be chic. It’s a tight-ish fit but that’s the style, a little overdressed but still comfortable. If you don’t like shirts, a plaid jumper would be just as good.

Brown and tan

There’s only one way to accompany a plaid top and that’s with a pair of khaki pants. These are roomy but they don’t cause a fuss. They’re inherently great at fading into the background. They’re plain but not too plain like a pair of brown or black pants would be. To go with your khakis, get a brown belt with a brass buckle. That last detail is very important because you don’t want a silver buckle to offset the khaki color. Brown Vans are good, but Converses would be even better. Vans tend to have more structure while Converses are far more flexible and floppy. Autumn brown or barkroot brown will go excellently with khakis as the colors are in the same ballpark but you can clearly distinguish the two from a distance.

Humble but sleek

The smart nerd style wouldn’t be what it is, without a fine pair of glasses. This company gives you 50% lower prices than other websites. Here you will find brands like Diesel, Converse, Aspex, and Modo. There are lots of different glasses to choose from but go with the Oakley metal plate or tie bar frames as they offer the classic curved rectangle that sits high up on the face. This modern style fits better and closer to the eyes, yet remains comfortable.

Plaid shirts and jumpers are one of the hallmarks of the smart casual nerd style. Coupled with a pair of khakis, you can’t go wrong. But what kind of jacket will you wear with this outfit?

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