Luxury retreat destinations to recharge your batteries

Tired of the monotonous routine: work, home and then back to work again? And with no breaks at all? Need to relax and recharge? Well, look no further, because here is a list of five great luxury retreat destinations. With spas – to reenergize your body, for you:

Hotel Brooklyn Bridge – New York, USA

This hotel has been dubbed as New York’s “coolest new hotel” and this is for a good reason: not only is it eco-friendly, having been designed via native vegetation and reclaimed material, it also shows an expansive view of the Manhattan skyline and the East River. And in addition to all fitness gear such as yoga mats, stationary bicycles and whatnot, the hotel also features a spa that uses natural ingredients to refresh your mind, body and soul.

The Ritz-Carlton – Langkawi, Malaysia

Ever heard the expression: “Malaysia truly Asia” – well that’s not an overstatement as this hotel ought to prove. Surrounded by a lush green natural rainforest and adorned with indigenous architecture, this hotel seems almost like paradise: with saunas, steam baths and floating spas. And they use centuries-old local Asian techniques to soothe your body – and trust me, they do work, like a charm.

Banyan Tree – Tamouda Bay, Morocco

This Asian brand launched in Africa boasts a beautiful blend of Moorish architecture and the natural luster of the environment. It hosts everything from pool villas to holistic spas, and the rainforest experience also provides a Moorish styled hammam – which is a single word for everything good that your body could want.

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Rosewood Phuket – Thailand

Banyan trees which are considered sacred in Asia are dotted in the vicinity of this luxury retreat hotel which also boasts uber-luxe villas and a 360 fitness plan that includes tailored treatments, nutrition, mindfulness and exercise – the complete bundle.

Mondrian – Doha, Qatar

Mondrian is Doha’s largest spa. After entering through a welcoming white colored reception area, male and female guests will part ways. The spas for both genders have been tailored to best suite and fit their needs. And they also offer pedicures – hurray!

Made up your mind yet? Have a happy luxury retreat vacation, you deserve it!

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