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yoga apparel brand

Where the average person gets excited from big designer labels, I get that from beautiful fair fashion brands such as High Temple of Light. This yoga apparel brand was founded by Justyna Azure. With the philosophy that the conventional clothing industry of fast fashion can be different. From fast fashion to fair fashion, where cheap mass production is a no go. If you are looking for comfortable clothing during your yoga practice, then it might be an idea to have a look at this ethical yoga clothing brand.

The vibrant collection is quite big and that means you always find a yoga leggings and matching top that fits your personality. I have to admit; these beautiful leggings also work well when you are not on the yoga mat. And let’s face it: fair trade and sustainable fashion should actually be the new standard today. This brand has a beautiful story read the interview to find out more.

What inspired you to start your brand/business?

I went to art school, got a graduate degree in design, and eventually had a career as an elementary school teacher. I then stayed home for a few years to raise my children. Once I was ready to go back to work, it was clear that art was still calling me; and drawing – especially drawing geometric patterns in vivid colours – was my passion. So I decided to offer my mandalas as fine art prints.

Concurrently, when I looked around at the t-shirt and yoga apparel business, I could not help but notice that most companies were using either the same or very similar designs. As I researched this, I learned that many of these graphics come from cheap graphic design farms, and the same pattern is sold many times over. No wonder it looks like everyone wears the same thing at the yoga studio!

I then decided I wanted to translate my vibrant hand drawn patterns into apparel and home decor. I was lucky that locally to where I live, in Montreal Canada, I was able to find a collaborator who would help me transform these mandalas into beautiful apparel and home decor items.

I know that when someone wears something from High Temple of Light, it is unique, vibrant and they feel luminous. High Temple of Light’s Facebook reviews are testament to that:

“They’ve brought such a depth of beauty and joy to my home throughout a difficult year in my life, that I feel nourished by them. The quality and comfort of the fabric is so luxurious that you want to stroke them and, best of all, the mandalas really DO seem to make everything else around them shine more brightly. What more could you wish for in a cushion?! Affordable and truly gorgeous works of Art”

“I have been so lucky to wear several pieces of Justyna’s clothing to film yoga for breast cancer classes. I’m usually a very shy person so getting in front of a camera is a real challenge for me and I have to say that the boost of confidence that I feel wearing her designs has me feeling divine. Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but I feel that the sacred geometry from the mandalas vibrate so I can be at my best.”

yoga apparel brand

What is the brand’s philosophy?

The brand’s philosophy is to stay handcrafted in a highly industrialized world. All our patterns are hand drawn with care, and artistic attention. But most importantly our philosophy is to be transparent in our production process by being absolutely sweatshop free, and using only low impact fibres. The fabric we use for our leggings is milled in Montreal, Canada, in modern, secure and labour respecting facilities, using 70% less energy than regular poly blends.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Everyday brings little achievements, and I celebrate all of them, but when yoga teachers come to me and say they feel good and they feel special in my leggings, I love it, and it gives my work purpose.

Where can our readers find you online?

Readers can find High Temple of Light at:


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