A Foot Note: Common Foot Problems & What You Can Do About Them


When we think about style or fashion, the overall look is important, from head to toe. And, the emphasis is firmly going to be on toe, your feet are the base in which everything else stands on, (pardon the pun). But lots of people don’t look after their feet; they choose to wear footwear that, although is stylish, is completely impractical, and, to be frank, doesn’t suit the overall getup. And if you wear impractical footwear on a regular basis, there are going to be problems as you get older. So, let’s have a look at the most common problems impractical footwear can cause, and how you can look after them.

Heel Pain

Do you wear 3 to 4 inch stilettos on a regular basis? Then it’s unsurprising that you have heel pain! It is usually caused by a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the tissue supporting the arch. This tends to happen when the arch of your foot collapses, which can be caused by wearing inappropriate shoes. You will know if you get this one day, because your heels will hurt extremely, not just a little annoying pain, you can’t put pressure on it at all. You can treat it by putting some ice on it on a temporary basis, but you would very likely need corrective surgery, but by incorporating specific stretching exercises into your morning routine, you can help to treat the condition. But the best way to treat it on a regular basis is to wear supportive shoes, specifically tennis shoes with arch support.

Crooked Toes

If you like to wear shoes with pointed toes, this can cause a condition called hammertoe, which can then cause your toes to become crooked. Beware if you have a longer second toe, because the tendency to buy shoes that don’t fit so well will bend that toe in, so it becomes crooked and leads to rigidity.To stop this, you can wear supportive shoes that provide good arch support, or opt for more open shoes, such a sandals. But there are plenty of shoes you can buy online that don’t compromise on style. You can shop AlegriaShoeShop.com today to see a range of quirky styles and fashionable footwear that is not so impractical. The Alegria brand of sandals are practical enough to wear in any weather to stop your toes getting worse. However, if you’re toes are already bending, you may need surgery, but it’s worth trying an orthotic pair of shoes first.

Sweaty Feet

It’s not something that people like to think about much, but if you do have sweaty feet worth consulting your doctor if you are concerned. But if you don’t want to go there just yet, it might be a case of just changing your socks to let your feet breathe; cotton socks are a very good choice. Some people wear shoes without socks on a regular basis, and this can increase the amount of sweat from your foot glands. If you find it’s a chronic condition and has been for some time, this could be the result of menopause, obesity, or hyperthyroidism, as well as various other conditions. There are also over the counter products that can help that you can put in your shoes to keep everything dry, as well as creams that have aluminium chloride in them.

Treat Your Feet!

Hopefully by now you realize the importance of looking after your feet properly. So how can you do this? As we get older, we should pay more attention to our feet and how they function. But there are some simple things that you can do just to keep on top of your overall foot health. First thing’s first, avoid wearing high heels so much, and limit these, as well as pointed shoes, to special occasions only. As we get older, it’s more important to think about comfort. But there are online boutiques that have style and comfort in mind, so it’s worth spending a little bit more time and effort to sort these boutiques. But it pays to be shoe savvy.

A handy little trick when it comes to shoe shopping, go in the afternoon! This is because your feet swell as the day goes on, so if you are trying shoes on in the afternoon, when your feet are at their biggest, you can guarantee that you will have a comfortable pair.

To keep your feet in good condition, wash them everyday in warm soapy water. Be careful not to soak them too much, as this can remove the natural oils from your skin. A good idea, if you can bear it, is to put your feet in ice cold water, as this will encourage blood flow around the feet, and therefore will benefit the skin. Combine this with a little beauty regime, with moisturising and using a pumice stone or foot file, will help to keep dry skin off. There is an article on LiveStrong.com that has some handy advice for reference on using a pumice stone properly. But always make sure that your feet are thoroughly dry, especially after washing them. You need to keep infections like athlete’s foot at bay.

When it comes to cutting your toenails, be sure to use proper nail clippers, and when cutting the toes, cut straight across, never do it at an angle, or down the edges, and this can cause ingrown toenails, which is very uncomfortable.

And, beware if you like to wear flip-flops. These are breeding grounds for athlete’s foot and verrucas, especially if you wear them out a lot, but they also don’t provide adequate support. You could end up having lots of heel pain if you wear flip-flops too regularly.

Be sure to look after your feet, because you only have one pair! When we consider our look, we always go for the fashion aspect rather than the practicality. But with something like your feet, after a few years of walking around nightclubs in pain, it can get too much, but your feet will pay the price eventually!

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