4 Telltale Signs That Your Job Is Bad For Your Health

If you had to write down a list of life goals, then being in good health should be one of them. When you’re healthy you are capable of doing so much. Bad health causes complications in all walks of life – it’s something you should avoid at all costs.

What causes bad health? Loads of things, but did you know one of those things could be your job? It’s true, your place of work may be terrible for your health. Here’s how you figure out if your 9 to 5 is doing more harm than good:

You’ve got terrible posture

Bad posture stems from working at a desk all day. If your shoulders are rounded and your head protrudes forward, then you have awful posture. This leads to another symptom of bad health – chronic pain in your neck and back. If you experience any of these issues, particularly after working, then your job is damaging your health. Check out this video to see how you can improve your posture and right these wrongs:


You feel very tense and stressed

The most common sign that your job is harming your health is if you’re stressed and tense. Obviously, lots of things can cause stress in your life. However, you’ll know if it’s your job because you will be worrying about work when you’re at home with your family. This isn’t a healthy way to live, and you shouldn’t feel so tense all the time. While keeping your body healthy is important, it’s just as crucial that you keep your mind healthy too. When work provides too much stress, then something has to change.

Your hearing keeps getting worse

Yes, bad hearing is a health concern you should look out for. If your hearing keeps getting worse – and you’re fairly young – then it might be because of your job. Workplaces with lots of loud equipment can cause hearing health problems in people of all ages. This will mean you spend the rest of your life wearing hearing aids and relying on them to hear properly. Do you want to spend your days pondering over hearing aid troubleshooting and making sure you don’t leave the house without them? It’s not a nice way to live, and this can cause mental health problems. So, if your hearing deteriorates rapidly – and you have a ringing sound in your ears after work – then that’s not a good sign.

Your muscles and joints are sore every evening

Do you get home and slump onto the sofa in pain? Are your muscles screaming out for a deep tissue massage to get rid of all the knots and tension? If this is your regular evening routine, then it’s a sign that your job is causing you physical harm. This is common in people who have a very physically demanding job that involves walking around a lot, lifting things, and so on. While it’s good to be active, you shouldn’t be sore every day after work. The soreness adds up, leading to injuries and potential issues with your joints.

Do you spot any of these signs in yourself? If you do, then it might be time to change your job. Think about your health – should you keep working in a place that’s causing physical or mental harm? In the long run, you may wish that you’d made a change a lot sooner as it could help prevent lots of possible health problems.

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