How wearable technology will transform sports

wearable technology

Wearable technology is already a big global industry thanks to popular self-tracking gadgets (a cultural phenomenon known as “quantified self”). Now, wearable tech in sports is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Since sport and analytics go hand in hand nowadays, great things can come from wearable tech. Biometric data can provide transparency into athlete’s performance and help analyze it in fine details. It’s clear this can immensely help coaches and managers since this kind of technology can measure, break down and explain pretty much anything concerning athlete’s performance.

These smartbands and vests fitted with a small device able to capture and store the data, will enable trainers and managers to upload everything on a computer after a game or a training, making it easy to follow athlete’s progress. This can improve individual’s as well as a whole team’s performance and efficiency.

Although these facts may all seem very positive, there are also some major concerns. When it’s this easy to measure a person’s performance, growth, stagnation and decline, it’s also easy to start treating them more like a guinea pig than like a human being.


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