Dressing For Special Occasions In Australia

Dressing up in Australia isn’t all about going to the beach in your swimsuit – as much as we would like to pretend it is! In order to make the right impression, it’s important to know when casual is acceptable and when things have to be a bit more formal. It’s also tough to dress for the climate, since we can often have long hot days which drift into cooler nights. When there is an event that spans both times, such as a party that starts early or a wedding reception, dressing carefully is very important.

Day To Night

There are some great Australian brands which really understand how to tackle the problem of moving from day to night without the chance to get changed. You can try Table 8 women’s fashion here, for dresses that are just casual enough to work during the day whilst also being fashionable enough to work during the night. Striking that balance is all about knowing how to start off the day in the first place. The important thing is not to look too formal or dressy during the day, but also to not be too casual once the evening comes around.


If you were to read the pages of Australian fashion magazines, you might get to thinking that the swimsuit is all there is to getting dressed in Australia. Truth be told, there is plenty of call to use them on special occasions too. This includes pool parties, which are a big favourite in the summer especially when we all need to cool off in the water. But a swimsuit can be a little more formal too, depending on the styling and the brand. It can also be made more formal by the addition of a poolside cover-up. Kaftans and sarongs are very popular choices, and like anything, they come in both very casual and more formal versions. Pick the right one to strike the note which is appropriate for the occasion.


The most important thing for making an outfit more special is the way that it is accessorised. Take a simple sun dress. On its own, it would be perfect for a day in the sun, nice and casual while still looking great. Once accessories are added, however, it can go to a whole new level. How about a jewelled belt? Stiletto heels? Glam costume jewellery sparkling from ears and wrists? Instantly, this simple sun dress will be transformed into something a bit more special. That is all that is needed to take a day dress and make it effortlessly eveningwear.
This kind of transition takes some practice, so it is important to make sure that the right matches are made and the look is never too over the top or understated for the occasion. This can take a bit of work, but is always worthwhile. Special occasions require special thought, and it’s always great to buy something brand new just for the evening as well in order to really stand out!


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