Queen Helen Abdurajak: Visionary Leader of the Maharlika Empire

Queen Helen Abdurajak stands out as a beacon of hope, compassion, and change in the vast realm of extraordinary individuals. With her extensive name and remarkable background, she embodies the essence of the Maharlika Empire and its mission to uplift the marginalized and create a better future for all. Queen Helen graciously shares her insights, visions, and connection with the enchanted realm in this exclusive interview.

Queen Helen Abdurajak

Unveiling the Meaning Behind the Name:

Queen Helen Abdurajak, born Maria Makiling Helen Fatima Nasaria Panolino Abdurajak Ju Xi Mulan Bin Baginda Ali Elizabeth III, holds a name filled with profound significance. Each component reflects an aspect of her identity and purpose. From being associated with the enchanted being of Mount Banahaw to embodying the blessed mother and anointed global Earth Queen, Queen Helen embraces her name with humility and grace.

Here’s the meaning of her long name, anointed by the 7 Makhdum.

MARIA MAKILING is the famous enchanted being of Mount Banahaw, called Mt. Makiling, and all the holy mountains of the global Earth. HELEN is the torch of light. FATIMA is the blessed Mother, the Black Fatima of the East. NASARIA is the Princess of Basilan, the enchanted wife of grandfather hero Jose Rizal. PANOLINO-ABDURAJAK is the Legal banking name. BAGINDA ALI is the enchanted protector. ELIZABETH III is the title of the Global Earth Queen, anointed by the 7 Makhdum elders. She prefers to be called Queen Helen Abdurajak.

Meaning of Makhdoom (Arabic: مخدوم, meaning one who is served and sometimes spelled Makhdum, Bengali: মখদুম, romanized: Mokhdum) is an Arabic word meaning “Teacher of Sunnah.” It is a title for Pirs, in South and Central Asia.

The Husband and the Legacy:

Queen Helen is married to King Mohammad Ghamar Mamay Hasan Abdurajak bin Ghamar bin Abdul Ghapar Jamalul Kiram III, Queen Helen shares the deep connection between their bloodlines and mission. King Mamay, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad, leads Islam and holds a crucial role in their collective endeavor to serve the highest good of humanity.

Maharlika Empire

Queen Helen’s Vision for Humanity:

Queen Helen’s vision shines brightly amid the confusion and heartache that plagues the world. Her mission is to awaken humanity and uplift the status of the poor and marginalized. Through implementing innovative solutions like renewable energy and harnessing the power of deuterium, Queen Helen aims to guide humanity toward a golden age of peace, prosperity, and unity.

The Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire:

Exploring the fascinating origins of the Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire, Queen Helen reveals its ancient roots in Lemuria, the mystical continent in the Pacific. As the rightful rulers of the empire, Queen Helen and King Mamay seek to reestablish their lineage, administer sacred assets, and create a just and balanced world. The empire’s connection to the global gold asset deposits in central banks highlights the significance of this transformative journey.

The Quantum Shift and Enchanted Realms:

Queen Helen’s profound connection to the enchanted realm stems from her mystical Lemurian ancestry. Immersed in the unseen realms since her upbringing in Liguasan Marsh, she embraces her spiritual gifts as she leads with compassion and intuition.


The Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire:

Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire is the Divine Kingdom on Earth (Banal na Lupa). Maharlika is situated on the oldest continent in the Pacific, called Lemuria. Maharlika is a fragment of Lemuria and was once powerfully ruled by Rajas, Sultans, and Datus: Leaders of the authentic Imperial Royal Blood of the East before the colonization. Resurrecting and repositioning our placement back to its origin status as authentic Empire bloodlines.

“As King and Queen of the Lupah Sug Empire, we have the sacred responsibility to manage and administer safely the transition of Holly assets to uplift the dignity of human beings and all forms of Life on Earth, where no one is left behind in our sacred mission to assist the planetary quantum field of our New Earth towards the Divine governance as we embrace all humanity as ONE human family beyond religious belief.” – say Queen Helen Abdurajak.

Queen Helen continues, “Maharlika Lupah Sug Empire is the original source of gold asset deposits in all Central Banks in our World. Everyone was given the opportunity to do good in our World when gold was redistributed, but instead, World leaders’ corruption and greed were set in place, causing more havoc and wars on our planet and twisting the truth with lies. And they forgot the source of gold they hold comes from one origin – Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire. Instead, the authentic bloodlines of the original Royal family, us, have been attacked, and they did kill some of our people. Nevertheless, King Mamay and I surfaced to do that correction through a rectification new system of governance in our World. The only way to do this is to start fresh. The central banking system in the World is currently frozen, and it’s time to reorganize the new banking system Worldwide. It led to my creation of the “Quantum Financial System” to balance the gap between the poorest people in Nations globally and stop the persistent imbalance. 120 countries already collaborated with me in this Quantum shift. But the country that would not join will not benefit from the redistribution of Divine wealth.”

Inspiration and Devotion:

God’s love and compassion inspire Queen Helen on her sacred mission. She is fully dedicated to serving humanity and draws strength from her beloved mentor, Ama Ali. Queen Helen envisions a future where she can enjoy life with her family, husband, and children, savoring the simple pleasures that bring joy to the heart.

A Message for Humanity:

Embracing the universal teachings of unity and love, Queen Helen encourages humanity to transcend religious differences and recognize the divinity within each other. Her words, rooted in wisdom, remind us of the fundamental essence that connects us all.

Queen Helen Abdurajak


Queen Helen Abdurajak, the visionary leader of the Maharlika Empire, stands at the forefront of change. Her steadfast commitment to humanity’s upliftment and connection to the enchanted realms brings hope, compassion, and a transformative vision for a better world. As we eagerly await future follow-up interviews, Queen Helen’s presence will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of the Maharlika Empire and inspire generations to come.

Contact Information:

For further updates and interviews, Queen Helen can be reached through “Galactic Goddess TV” on YouTube, hosted by Princess Radhaa Nilia of Radhaa Publishing House and Princess Maya, also known as Maya The Shaman.

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