How to Wear Jewelry that Highlights Your Natural Beauty

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Adding a piece of jewelry to your outfit can move it from the normal and regular to the exquisite. In this article we give you tips on how to build and use your jewelry collection to enhance your natural beauty.

How to wear jewelry that highlights your natural beauty

Adding a piece of AC Silver antique jewelry to an outfit can transform it from ordinary to stunning. Your regular pieces of jewelry tell who you are. They are part of your regular dress code. Your jewelry pieces highlight your natural beauty and personality. I’ll cover tips on how to select and wear jewelry to enhance your natural beauty.

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Reward yourself with style-enhancing pieces

Develop your perfect jewelry collection over time. I personally love EraGem and the collection they offer. Pieces added to the collection as part of the jewelry and makeup you choose to spruce up for a special occasion are treasures. The most dynamic pieces in your collection, however, will be the random must-have pieces you stumble on.

Such pieces will add flair to your dress code. To build a collection of exquisite pieces that delight you, think around your color preferences and your style.

Use jewelry to draw attention to your eyes

When shopping for a necklace, earrings, or bracelets, pick a stone or beadwork that matches your eye color. Pieces that match your eye-color are perfect for special occasions like weddings. Additional random pieces to match your eye color are excellent additions to your daily style. Reward yourself with such pieces regularly to grow your jewelry collection.

Use simple jewelry to highlight an attribute

A simple gold or silver chain will draw attention to your neck, whereas a standalone stone or bead on a necklace will draw attention to your skin color. A stud earring can pull the observer’s eye towards your hair. An understated ring enhances the elegance of your fingers. A simple bracelet makes your arms more visible. A tear-drop shaped pendant with a tapered piece facing downwards draws the eye to your cleavage. The simple pieces accentuate your natural attributes.

shallow focus photography of woman wearing dangling earrings holding her hair near mountain

Use jewelry to announce your nature

Are you going out for a wedding and you want your sparkly nature to show? In addition to glitter and makeup, add brave jewelry pieces. Loud and bold colors and designs say you are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. But if you’re shy, choose colors that blend in with your clothes.

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You can also use your jewelry to speak about your interests. If you love books, how about a book-shaped pendant or earing? You can increase support for a cause you support with your jewelry. Such pieces are excellent conversation starters.

Show off your style

Your jewelry choices show your artistic self. You have that inner and unique appreciation for art. Some jewelry pieces will catch your eye instantly. These are the ones that resonate with your artistic self. Match up those favorite pieces with your outfit when attending functions. Build your uniqueness into your jewelry collection. Dare to proudly wear that unusual shade of purple that you love. Dare to show off your unique silver collection. Be bold and bring out your natural beauty through your jewelry pieces.

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