Complete your outfit with NotMademoiselle jewelry

Mixing and matching jewelry is a great way to have a refined style. If you are looking for unique designer pieces, you will love they are specialized in sourcing the best-emerging designers and independent jewelry designers. If you don’t have the time to search the whole internet for unique pieces, you will find a number of jewelry brands on their website with a diverse range of beautiful items in the collection. Besides that, it is a great way to support emerging talent!

Jewelry with character and a story

Jewelry can complete your outfit. In addition, if you add a couple of real eye-catchers to your look, you can be sure that no one will miss your presence. Nowadays everything is possible in the field of jewelry. Small, refined and minimalistic jewelry that you have seen for a while, but also the more pronounced pieces that you can find on NotMademoiselle. Above all: jewelry with character, and jewelry with a story.

How to style earrings

Styling your earrings is perhaps the easiest job. In principle, they fit almost everywhere. It is important to match them with your other jewelry. If you wear an over-the-top necklace, for example, it is advisable to wear simple earrings. This way you ensure a quieter look. Are you wearing your hair loose today? Then go for long earrings from NotMademoiselle to make them stand out even more.

Make a statement with a Necklace

A necklace can make or break your outfit. Do you want to make a statement? Or do you prefer a neutral look? First, it is important to pay attention to the neckline of your shirt. Do you have a low V-neck? Then especially a long necklace looks very nice. If you wear a turtleneck, you can wear both a long and a short necklace. In addition, it is also important to determine the look of your outfit. Are you going for cool biker jeans with a matching top? Or are you wearing an elegant dress today?

Bracelets and rings

Choosing a bracelet is often a lot easier after you have collected the rest of the jewelry. You now only have to make a suitable match. If you go for an elegant bracelet match them with a few more elegant rings from NotMademoiselle, and you are ready to go!

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