Dress Like an Italian Woman

Italian woman

Glamour, high-class feminine sex appeal, and buckets of allure – to dress like an Italian woman is to enter the world of raw beauty and passion, to be a diva that knows just how to entice. Fashion is the key element of that proud, captivating image of an Italian lady with a hunger for life and an instinctual knowledge of how to wear clothes, how to seduce. To capture the essence of it, you must understand the staples of Italian fashion and put your own personal spin on everything you wear. From shoes to dresses, we’re here to show you what you’ll need to be the new Sophia Loren.

The most important bit – lingerie

Italian woman

Even if absolutely no one sees it but you, lingerie is the most important bit. The best piece of advice we got from Italian ladies is that satin, lace, and delicate ruffles go a long way in making you look sexy simply because you feel sexy. Even if all you’re doing is having a casual outing with your friends, knowing that underneath your shirt you’re wearing a delectably silky bra with cobweb thin lace details will mean you have a dirty little secret that no one else knows. You’ll feel like a seductress, your confidence will rise, and people will immediately be drawn to you.

Don’t hide your curves

Italian woman

What’s your favorite part of the body? Do you have gorgeous long legs? Maybe you have lush, wide hips? Or perhaps you have well-defined arms and shoulders? Whatever it is, show it off. Wearing revealing clothing is a quick way to feel sexy, but you’ve got to do it right: you want to show off only one bit of you, preferably your favorite bit. Keep the rest covered and wear your body proudly, regardless of its shape.

Wrap dresses

A very classic staple of Italian wear that looks gorgeous on pretty much anyone. Wrap dresses give our figure more of an hourglass shape, and they’re definitely worth the investment, particularly if you pick something in red or black. No one does LBD like Italians do, but if you really want to bring the fire and make some jaws drop, pick a red wrap dress. Belt it at the waist if you like, put some lipstick on, and smile like a movie star!

Statement outerwear

Outerwear is really important at any time of the year because it’s usually what people first see on us and it defines our style at first glance. We recommend that you pick classic women’s jackets such as trench coats because they give away that incredibly feminine vibe that’s slightly mysterious and utterly gorgeous. For a more modern take on it, you can always pick a denim jacket, especially if your own style tends to lean more towards casual. But we recommend that you still keep if fairly simple and unfussy – timeless elegance is the key here.

Click your heels

You’ll need high, high heels, ladies. If an Italian woman can walk cobblestoned streets in stilettos, she can take over the world. Heels elongate the leg and make us feel sexy, and the added inches to your height surely can’t hurt. Bring that sexy back with a black stiletto and enjoy people glancing your way.

Oversized sunglasses and scarves

Nothing speaks old-school movie star more than a good headscarf to tame your wild locks and a pair of oversized sunglasses to shield the eyes. It goes really well with the trench coat and wrap dress we mentioned, and if you’re not sure how to wear a headscarf, here are a few examples how to pull it off.

Enticing materials

“Cheap” is not something we relate to Italian women, and the key aspect of their wardrobe is quality over quantity. Instead of cheap poly-cotton, pick materials such as silk and cashmere when you can and let the soft, natural fibers caress your skin and make you feel sexy. High-quality clothes generally look better, fit better, and if you can invest in them occasionally, do so.

One last thing to remember about Italian ladies? Their smiles. Their bright, vibrant smiles that speak of joy and passion. Don’t forget to pair all your outfits with this and you’ll be pulling the look off in no time.

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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