How to Wear Biker Vest Patches like a Real Biker

The biker style is full of diversity. On the one hand, it relates to good looking rebels like young Marlon Brando or James Dean from the fifties, and the timeless combination of jeans and leather jackets. On the other hand, we have ‘modern’ bikers from the nineties, wearing leather from head to toe, with long hair and bandanas. It can be said that these are two ‘directions’ of the same trend, but they have many things in common.

Bikers in the World of Fashion

In the last few years, you could not but notice the cute patches and stickers on attire. Whether it’s a designer or custom-made clothes, this detail had a big entrance to the fashion world. And trendsetters love it!

In real-life bikers, the patches indicate the symbol of a club or association they belong to. It’s rubber, leather or embroidered piece of cloth, and behind every single patch, there is always some symbolism or story. Some of them, like three-piece applications, have to be earned. Members of a bike club can get them only after rigorous tests, challenges or activities in which they participated. On this page, find more meanings of these applications.

Today’s bikers break all taboos. They are gentlemen, humanists, and have a sense of fashion. In today’s trends, a good leather jacket is a must, and in combination with jeans, it represents a classic. There are many other clothes that will fit into biker style, such as a sleeveless vest, monochrome cotton T-shirts or regular shirts. Those who want to be out of the template can choose some model of leather trousers.

Fashion Rules for Wearing Patches

Patches are a great accessory to complement your look, to make you look sexy and tough at the same time. While there are rules for bikers about wearing patches, nowadays trendsetters have the freedom to place them wherever they like and decorate their piece of clothing with this charming detail.

Back in the days, patches were just the way to lengthen the lifespan of torn or worn out clothes. Today, these are fashion details that will renew every outfit. So what patches are trendy now? The answer is simple – ALL!

Whether they carry a message or relates to some historical event (World War II, Vietnam War) and lifestyle (hippie movement or ‘wild’ nineties), or they’re just simple monochromatic forms, you can combine them in countless ways.

Patches on Leather


A patch-covered leather jacket or vest can make you look like a rock star – if you know how to wear it. Motorcycle jacket patches make this piece of clothing quite unusual. It’s a bit tricky to fit it into the rest of the combination.

The rule is simple – when one thing in your outfit is effective, the rest of the combination should be neutral. This way you won’t look like a walking billboard. A leather jacket or sleeveless vest with patches will look great with skinny jeans or even leggings, for a casual combination. Biker boots are a great choice to complete your look.

Patches on Denim Clothes


One of the common ways to wear a patchwork is to put these applications on clothing typical for a biker style – jeans. Jeans of simple cut can be an excellent basis to show your creativity. Place patches on a single leg or both of them. You can put as many applications as you want. Your jeans may look a bit crowded, but if you match them with the rest of the outfit in neutral colors and simple patterns, it can look stylish.

The rest of the outfit depends on the occasion. For an informal date or a walk, you can combine patches jeans with skate sneakers, a simple T-shirt and sleeveless, denim vest. The last item became an inevitable thing in closets, since it fits into all styles, from rock to boho.

If you want to use these applications on a denim skirt, there’s a different rule. You should have only a few details on a skirt. The rest of the outfit should be less notable; maybe some floral blouse or a T-shirt in a similar style as a patch.

How to Maintain Clothes with Patchwork

You can buy already-made clothes with patches on them or you can be crafty. If you’re not too handy with a needle or sewing machine, use iron-on patches. DIY is a great way to express your creativity, but also to get trendy clothes for a lot less money than if you bought it in a boutique.

However, there are specific guidelines that you must comply with if you have clothes with patches on. These rules mostly refer to maintenance, because such clothes sometimes require special washing and ironing.

When it comes to embroidered patches, keep clothes as it’s written on the label. You can even spray it with the stain remover and place it in the washing machine. But leather clothes should be washed manually, and the same goes for things with leather or rubber patches on them.

Iron-On Patches Issue

The glue used on iron-on patches will decompose at high temperatures, so be careful with washing and ironing these clothing. Avoid washing clothes in hot water and putting the hot iron right on the patch. The adhesive can dissolve, and the application can fall off.

If glue made stains on your clothes, here you’d find useful tips on how to remove it:

The problem with iron-on patches is that they are not adapted for all fabrics. When you put them on leather or nylon, they can quickly fall off, and hot glue can damage the material. You should use iron-on applications on cotton, denim or some thick fabric. For leather and synthetic, it’s better to sew the patches on. Or you can buy a special adhesive for the fabric to stick the patches.

To be trendy and have a style are two different concepts. Someone can be stylish even though they don’t wear the newest pieces of clothing. For them, it’s enough to put a few patches and make their clothes look brand new. These people have that particular sense of details, which make them look cool and unique.

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