How to Make Your Camping Trip Easier

Camping is one of the most enjoyable vacations you can have, but only if you are well prepared and have the right equipment. Beginners often make the mistake of packing too much and end up tired and weary carrying equipment that they never use. Here is a better way to plan a trip.

Pack Light

When it comes to wild camping, there’s a fair bit of fear involved, especially when you’re a beginner. Since you don’t know what to expect, the tendency is to over-prepare and bring too much of everything. This is a bad idea because it slows you down and doesn’t add anything.

When you overpack, you don’t tend to use a lot of the things you carry, and you’re sure to regret this on your hike. Instead, source a wild camping checklist online and only pack the necessities. This way, you know exactly what you have and how far you can travel based on your supplies.

Pack Warm

When you’re wild camping, it’s better to be too warm than too cold, but how do you make sure you’re warm enough on the mountainside without carrying an insane amount of gear? Again, the secret is to do some research and pack smart. Stay mindful of the season you are camping.

Some hikers have different sleeping bags for different seasons. A down sleeping bag is excellent for the fall and winter, but you are likely to overheat in summer. Some neat tricks include using a sleeping bag liner for extra warmth and wearing a beanie hat through at night.

Tent Choice

When you’re up on the mountain, your tent is your home from home and your survival necessity, so choose one wisely. Some wild campers don’t use a tent at all in the summer, opting instead for a bivy bag that leaves them open to the elements. Alternatively, buy a comfy base tent.

If you’re camping on your own or with one other person, a base camp tent is usually enough. These small dome tents are better insulated than average ones and have access doors on either side – they also have ventilation flaps. If you’re at a campsite, consider a large comfortable tent.

Lighting Options

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at an official campsite or on the side of a mountain, you’re going to need some campsite lighting. When the sun sets, darkness falls, and there’s no way you can cook, read, or even chat. Hopefully, you have some torches with you to conveniently switch on.

A tactical torch, like the ones from EcoGearFX, is commonly used by wild campers and motorhome campers as a primary or secondary light source when the skies turn black. Tactical torches started out life as military equipment, so you know they are light and reliable to use.

Stove Choice

Finally, your camping trip will not be easy or convenient without a camping stove, so what should you look out for when choosing a camping stove? First, consider the size of the canister and its weight, then consider how many burners you want. It often depends on the party size.

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