How To Shake Up Your Boring Workout Routine

Starting an awesome workout routine is one thing; keeping it up is another. When we start a new workout routine that feels fresh, new and exciting, there’s no buzz like it. It feels great to be taking action to improve your health, and learning new workout skills feels like an achievement every time you hit the gym. When fitness feels like a new trend, you barely have to dig deep to find the motivation to workout.

But when the novelty wears off, we can get stuck in a routine that has become boring and lose motivation. If you empathize with that feeling, here are some simple ways to shake up your boring workout routine.

Buddying Up

Finding a friend to workout with can make all the difference. Firstly, the presence of a newbie in your gym routine means that you can’t get caught slacking – someone spotting your sets and watching your technique will pull up your lazy habits. Secondly, if you introduce someone to the gym who hasn’t already got the skills, you can try your hand at showing them the ropes. This provides you with a structure to your routine that doesn’t just involve staying in your shell and working out alone.

Thirdly, buddying up in the gym can create more than just a physical motivation to attend. Even if you can’t get motivated to do the workout, the presence of a friend means that you’ve committed to the meeting, and that while you workout, you also have social interaction. These commitments and social perks will help you shake up your gym boredom.

Experimenting with your look

Sometimes all it takes to put some pep back in your step is a bold new look. If you’re accustomed to going for the plainest, most basic gym clothing, why not try something colorful and bright? Rocking some green leggings or a hot pink sports bra can make you feel 100% fantastic. Plus, the extra confidence will mean you just can’t wait to get to the gym and show off your new stuff.

Learning A New Sport

If these solutions don’t cut it, why not take a break from your regular workouts altogether? There are plenty of sports which keep you toned, fit, strong and healthy which don’t involve hitting the gym at all. Here are some sports which keep your fitness level high while incorporating team building and class-based workouts:

  • Yoga. Yoga might look like a walk in the park to a gym regular, but once you try it, you’ll realize it works your muscles in a totally new way. Focusing on balance, stillness, and flexibility, you’ll gain a new skill and find a new appreciation for this sport.
  • Kickboxing. Apart from being an amazing self-defense mechanism, kickboxing is an incredible workout. Combining speed, cardiovascular fitness, and strength, you’ll feel amazing after a kickboxing class.
  • Martial arts. If you want to be introduced to a beautiful, technique-heavy new sport, try a martial art class. You will be blown away by the skill and precision, but you might find your new favorite sport in the world.

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