How To Make Your Bum Look Better In Leggings

These days, bums are big! They’ve become one of the most sought after body features, with so many girls looking for ways to make their bum look bigger. Everyone used to be obsessed with big boobs, but it seems like bums are the main focus nowadays! Well, today’s your lucky day as you will soon learn how to make your bum look bigger and better when wearing leggings. Here are a few tricks and tips to try:

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Wear high-waisted leggings

High-waisted leggings are very complimentary on the buttocks. This is because the waistband is basically pulled up a few inches higher than normal, pushing your bum upwards. It kind of acts like a push-up bra, only for your butt! You can see the effects yourself if you wear regular leggings and pull them up higher. Obviously, you can’t walk around pulling your waistband up all day, so high-waisted versions are the best bet.

Make your underwear invisible

Often, your underwear can make your bum look a lot worse in leggings. You end up with horrible panty lines that dig into your cheeks and make everything look a bit lumpy. Instead, you should wear invisible underwear when you’ve got leggings on. Look at sites like Undywear for reviews on invisible underwear – sometimes referred to as no show underwear. When wearing these, your panties blend into your body and let your natural curves take shape. Your bum should look a lot rounder and fuller, with no lines to worry about.

Look for bum contour lines

Some leggings are designed with contour lines sitting just below your bum. When you put them on, you should position the lines so they are literally just below each bum cheek. In doing so, the leggings are designed to give your bum a bit of a lift. The contour creates a shadow that really brings out the round peachiness of your butt. Some are a lot better than others – the best contour lines will stay in place when you walk around or exercise. This way, they continue to bring your bum out and make it look very peachy. Some leggings have bad contour lines that move out of place as soon as you start walking. So, it’s a case of figuring out which leggings have the best contour lines.

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Consider scrunch leggings

Scrunch leggings are a specific type of legging with a scrunch at the back. Essentially, it looks like the material is being pulled or scrunched in at your bum. The effect is that it enhances the curves of your bum and makes it more pronounced. These leggings are a favourite of many women looking to make their bums look bigger. In fact, that’s basically the sole purpose of these leggings; they only exist to accentuate your booty. Try them out and see if you enjoy the effect they have.

Wear dark colours

Darker colours tend to be the best for bringing out your butt. If you wear bright and vibrant colours, your bum often gets lost in them. I know that sounds weird, but the colours almost act as a distraction or can be too overpowering. By contrast, black or grey leggings always make your bum look bigger and better. This is a simple little tip that can have a huge impact on how your bum looks.

Consider wearing a waist trainer

The purpose of a waist trainer is to help suck in your waist and make it appear smaller. In essence, it’s like a modern-day corset! These devices can be so helpful if you want to improve the appearance of your bum. Essentially, by sucking in your waist, you make your bum and hips look a lot wider. This creates the trademark hourglass figure that the likes of Kim Kardashian have made popular. As a bonus, waist trainers can also make your boobs look bigger and fuller. So, you get a two-in-one effect, which can be very pleasing on the eye.

Work on your booty!

All of the previous points relate to a few fashion tips and tricks that’ll make your bum look bigger. However, the best way to improve your bum’s appearance is by working on it! Some of you probably think that you’ll never have a big bum because you’re skinny and your bum has always been quite flat. This doesn’t have to be the case; you can exercise your bum muscles to make them bigger and more prominent! Here are a few things you should start doing:

Squat with weights

Squatting is the ultimate exercise for your glute muscles and it is proven to build a bigger, rounder bum. The mistake many girls make is we squat with no additional weight. You’ve all seen those ‘booty workouts’ that involve air squats. These won’t really work as your bum is actually very strong. The muscles are some of the biggest in the body, so they can handle a lot. Start squatting with added weight to train these muscles and encourage them to grow. After a few weeks, you will already start to see results. The best part is, you don’t have to squat every single day; 2-3 days a week with some heavy squats is all you need to see fast results.

Hip thrusts

Secondly, start doing hip thrust exercises to really target your bum. This is a killer exercise to get big glutes. Take a look at the video below to see how to perform this exercise.

Again, you can do these after squatting, creating a killer workout for your bum. Other bum exercises exist, but these two are the best ones for really building size.

Ultimately, making your bum look bigger is a boost for your self-confidence. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if this is your main concern when buying leggings. After all, we should all dress however we want – as long as we feel confident and comfortable. The tips in this guide will visually enhance your bum in leggings, and they will also help you grow a bigger booty.

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