Fashion Tricks for a Small Bust

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We all have differences in our body forms. But each one of us are equally beautiful. Whatever the size of your breasts is, some girls out there would want her body to look a bit more like yours. That’s why we should not compare ourselves to other women. Instead of comparing, why not appreciate your body for exactly the way it is?

But, if you have small breasts, there are times that you wish your boobs were bigger. Because you might want your cocktail women dresses to look fit on the chest part of your body. Or for whatever reason, having bigger boobs can be quite handy sometimes.

But we’ve got you covered! Read on for fashion tricks and tips on how to make your bust look bigger.

Easy Ways to Make Small Bust Look Bigger

Even though you do not have the natural double-Ds, there are a lot of ways to fake it.

Read these tips to make your bust look bigger than it is:

Use a different bra

Bras can really do wonders! Especially when making your boobs look big. There are bras available claiming they can increase your cup size two times. And are actually true with their claims. Go bra shopping! You will definitely find ones. Look for a bra that has a natural look on you. And adds volume to your boobs when you wear it.

Wear clothes with interest up top

Another simple way so your bust would look bigger is wearing a shirt or dress that has interest around the bust. Clothes with horizontal stripes give you that look of having bigger breasts. Also, shirts and dresses with ruffles, beads… or other textures designs around the breast will make your boobs look bigger as well. Avoid wearing plain and untextured tops. They will cause your breasts to look smaller.

Do not slouch

Posture will greatly affect how your boobs will look. A lot of women have slouching habits. It creates a hollowing effect that makes your boobs look smaller than they usually are.

Exert an effort to improve your posture. This way, your boobs will look bigger on a regular basis. Keep your shoulders back. Keep your boobs out. This is to give emphasis on your curves. And you will become more confident as well.

Less revelation

For a lot of women today, they opt to wear low-cut V-neck clothes and tight tube tops. This is how they make their boobs look bigger. But actually, showing less of your breasts helps it look larger most of the time. Extreme tight clothing can emphasize the small size of your bust. Also, wearing them can cause your boobs to appear flatter. Low V-necks also have that effect.

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Choose turtle-necked shirts and loose outfits. Instead of using revealing clothes. Do not worry or be afraid to show your shape. Only leave something to the illusion so your breasts will look bigger naturally.

Add some accessories

One of the ways to make your boobs look bigger is wearing a necklace. Invest and collect long necklaces. Long and heavy necklaces naturally fall between your breasts. Especially the ones with beads or pendants on the chain.

These kinds of necklaces create the illusion of larger breasts. It is because of the way they fall. Add a necklace with a long pendant to your outfit. You will definitely look stylish. Plus, your boobs will look bigger.

Use a safety pin

When all else fails, a safety pin will save your day to give yourself the look of bigger boobs. If you can’t go out to buy a new bra or a necklace, just get a safety pin instead. Wear your regular bra. And using the safety pin, clip the straps of your bra together in the back.

This trick will pull your boobs together. And it will create more cleavage that will naturally make your boobs look bigger than they are. By far, it is the easiest and effective way to help your boobs look bigger.

Try contouring your breasts

This may sound crazy. But it is definitely a real thing. We do contours to our faces. It is probably not ridiculous to do the same thing to your boobs, right? Contouring your breasts is actually quite simple. Also, it can make your breasts look larger especially when you wear a low-cut dress or blouse.

Outline your breasts using a dark foundation. After that, blend it to emphasize the look of your boobs. This will help your boobs look naturally larger as well as more pronounced.

To help you know more on what you can and cannot wear, you may watch this video:


It is natural if you want your boobs to look bigger. You should never feel like you are not enough just because you have small breasts. But you should also not feel silly if you desire for your boobs to look bigger. Of course, without causing discomfort and frustration to yourself. You can look and feel more confident without injecting something to your boobs. With these simple and easy tricks and tips… you can only put a minimal amount of effort into making your boobs look larger.

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