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As if the ever-growing urban trend couldn’t get any cooler, South Korea stepped in and marched straight to the throne of street style wear for the season, and perhaps beyond. After such magnificent shows we’ve seen in the magic four (New York, Milan, Paris and London), where Christopher Kane, Victoria Beckham and the like have once again shown what fashion is all about, what can be so spectacular about Seoul?

Apparently, much. The rebellious and edgy have reigned the catwalks, and their designer collections perfectly reflect the new raw and ready Seoul street preferences.

Checkered everything


Seoul is well-past the cutesy plaid school-girl skirts and has entered the realm of daring combinations that truly attract attention. And while checkered minis still have their place in a girl’s street look, this season will be all about bright red, electric purple, royal blue and toxic green, preferably large and noticeable – pants, jackets and shirts!

What’s more, Seoul doesn’t shy away from mixing and matching this pattern, so seeing a pair of vibrant red tartan pants paired with a less peacocky olive plaid jacket is the very essence of street, for ladies and gents alike. SupercommaB was one among many designer brands that boasted this approach

Loud and bold


Perhaps London loved its creamy peach and lilac shades, but Seoul streets crave for a more dramatic approach to their wardrobe palette. As a result, the primary tones of Seoul are predominantly powerful, bright and eye-catchingly beautiful. Think blood-red, electric yellow and coal dark black, all of which are very saturated and dominating over texture and form.

If you see a single clothing piece in such a rich hue, then it will be the biggest and the boldest item possible, once again serving as the centerpiece of the ensemble. But fear not, color is not the only aspect of these outfits that make them stand out – worn with high heels, platform shoes and glam bombers, these shades are just one piece of the Seoul street puzzle.

Luxe up your street look


Don’t let the amount of leather fool you, because Seoul knows how to elevate its look with the help of the right accessories! In addition to unconventional hues and potent combinations that scream urban, Seoul fashionistas have shown an incredible skill in combining high-end items such as purses and berets with the baggy and the sporty.

That’s why it’s no surprise they pair items such as lime leather jackets with luxe Italian leather bags along with a snazzy skirt and a hairstyle that evokes elegance. Such creative combos have once and for all proven that Seoul knows no boundaries when it comes to experimenting with street style.

Punk rules


Yet another South Korean authentic look that was so prominent in the last show was the preference for edgy and defiant details such as punk chains, loud hair colors and a whole new selection of punk-inspired eyewear.

Tattoos, piercings and any other possible way to express authenticity was the go-to strategy of the fashion week show, allowing unprecedented diversity and genuinely brilliant combinations that gave birth to a style aptly named “K-punk”. Once again, Doc Martens, patched jackets and colorful undercuts showed a decisive attitude of Seoul youth when it comes to taking street style to a whole new level of cool.

Oversized fits all


Whether it’s the dress-shirts with ripped and worn-out edges, those high-waisted tartan pants or floor-long fur coats, South Korea’s fashion capital was brimming with comfortable and maxi versions of what would otherwise be painfully ordinary pieces.

This is yet another way to emphasize androgyny, and to further blur the lines between genders and sizes, bringing an element of universality to these outfits. Add to that the dark mood and the rebellious spirit of the city, and you get a glimpse into what the future of Seoul street fashion will be like in the upcoming months.


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