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Fashion retailers around the world are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors, while some of the world’s most renowned brands aren’t exempt from sales drops when a new player is at the table. In fact, as more eco-conscious names arise, and more niched, specific fashion designers rise to prominence, even the most well-established retailers need to step up their game to compete with the newbies.

If you run your own fashion store online, you know that keeping up with your competitors, let alone staying ahead of the game can be daunting. That said, if you’re looking to increase your sales, but not just for Cyber Monday or Christmas, you should consider adding the following steps into your business strategy.

Focus on values instead of price-tags

Fashion brands need to reframe how they position themselves in the market in order to harness their values and attract more brand awareness and boost their reputation – all, of course, in the purpose of increasing loyalty and ultimately, sales.

If you look at brands such as Everlane, you’ll notice that their products might seem as mundane as any other random fashion brand’s selection: but the key difference lies in how these items were made. Ethical fashion is on the rise, and each fashion brand needs to find and focus on their own set of values when promoting their products, instead of boasting prices or discounts only. As good as they are, values are the ones to actually sell for the long haul.

Leverage social proof on your site

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Popularity breeds popularity, and you should leverage the existing customer satisfaction to inspire more people to make a purchase when they’re still having second thoughts. The simplest way to do that is to use a conversion rate optimization tool on your site that will leverage social proof to nudge your website visitors into a purchase.

Simply put, the tool will create a brief prompt with the name and product purchased every time someone on your site buys your fashion items, and then your other visitors will be at ease knowing someone else already trusts your brand enough to buy. These prompts aren’t intrusive, so they won’t interrupt the experience, but they’ll be attention-grabbing just enough to increase your site visitors’ interest and entice them to make the right call.

Boost that sense of urgency

There’s a good reason why so many fashion brands produce limited edition collections, that often get extended production periods after earning tremendous amounts of popularity. For one, these labels create a sense of urgency and distinction, meaning that a limited number of people can have access to those specific products and that they are available only for a limited period of time – thus becoming more desirable by default.

This is a perfect sales-increasing strategy when you want to push a specific product in order to make room for something new. Then again, it’s often enough to attach a count-down timer for items that you have in stock and put them on sale, and you’ll often have a similar reaction.

Be available on social media

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How you treat your customers during their journey can make or break your bond with them. For starters, make sure your FAQ page provides answers for many of those most common queries they send your way, but also post regular blogs and infographics on the most relevant issues your customer face. These are preventative measures that can reduce the number of roadblocks towards more sales.

Still, some will always come across an issue, meaning that you should give them the support they need, and they’ll often want it on social media. In addition to your chatbots on the site, your messaging apps will be flooded with questions and customers looking for assistance – so make sure you’re there to help, otherwise they might go straight to your competitors.

Increasing sales sometimes depends on a single alteration in your online approach, but it often depends on a complex interaction among all of the steps you take towards boosting your conversions. Hopefully, these tips will grant you the profit increase you’ve been looking for, but also the kind of long-term customer loyalty and improved retention that is often connected to better sales down the line. As a result, your fashion store will have an even greater potential to remain relevant despite industry changes and new brands popping up on a regular basis.

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