Dress tips for the plus size figure

plus size figure

Crop tops, jeans shorts and short dresses: all great fun, but not everyone feels at their best especially if you have a plus size figure. The most important clothing advice we can give you: wear what you feel comfortable in. And if you feel comfortable in something that suits your body best, then you’ve come to the right place. When you wear plus size clothing wholesale you are sure you will feel confident in the trendiest outfits you can think of.

No matter how tall, small, narrow or curvy you are you may proudly show your curves to the world. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the right items between plus size fashion to emphasize these feminine shapes. We can help you with that. Of course we will not tell you what you can or cannot wear. But we do have some curvy clothing tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your figure.

plus size figure

# 1 Accentuate your figure
Dark colors can cover up a part of the body, while light clothing emphasizes them more. Are you proud of your bosom? A top or blouse with print draws all attention to the top. Do you have beautiful legs? You steal the show in light pants or a shorter skirt.

# 2 Wear Prints
A top or cheap dresses online with stripes? Very nice, but horizontal stripes make you look a bit wider. Vertical stripes therefore work to your advantage when you want to look longer or slimmer. It is also good to take into account the size of the print: if you are small, choose a subtle print. Are you built tall or wider? Then a larger print suits you nicely.

# 3 The right materials
Choose materials that are flattering for your figure. For example, if you have fuller legs and hips, it is smart to focus on pants with a material in which they come out well. Tight and shiny fabrics are usually not so useful. Rather opt for sturdy materials.

# 4 The right size
As logical as it may sound: buy clothes and lingerie online that fit well. No one gets happy, or prettier, from pinching clothes or underwear. Whatever your size. Do not focus on what you cannot wear, but continue your search for the perfect garment for you.

# 5 A line
If you are looking for a skirt or women plus size dresses, it is best to choose an A-line if you have a plus size figure. This places the emphasis on your waist. A pencil skirt is often tight and therefore focuses on your legs.

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