Tips for getting a Good Night’s Sleep


Insomniacs, you are missing out on the most wonderful aspect of life – a good night’s sleep! That feeling of getting cozy under the sheets after a long exhausting yet fulfilling day and instantly feeling drowsy is beyond imagination. But times when our eyes open at 8.48 a.m. and we have to clock-in at work at 9.00 a.m., we sort of wish we were you. Nevertheless, here are a few things you could try out to enjoy a peaceful show of your dreams.


1. Work out regularly

Those health and fitness blogs are not lying when they say that exercise helps us lead a healthy lifestyle. It has been repeatedly proven that regular exercise ensures a good night’s sleep. However, refrain from working out before sleeping. Rigorous exercise keeps your body’s temperature elevated for nearly 4 hours, which can cause a hindrance to your sleep schedule.


2. Take a refreshing shower

This is surely a popular choice. A shower will raise your body temperature and gradually cool it down, making you drowsy. It is also a plus point to be clean and crisp before diving into bed. I’m sure there are many of you who love how your blanket feels right after a shower.


3. Maintain your ideal room temperature

Have you ever thought that the temperature around you is just right? You wouldn’t have it any other way. Not even a degree hotter or colder. Adjust your room temperature to find that right fix and feel it slowly relaxing you to bed. Trust us!


4. Expose yourself to bright light in the day

There is something called circadian rhythm. This is your internal 24-hour body clock which follows a daily cycle and aligns itself with sunrise and sunset. Ever wondered why you feel sleepy around the same time every day? This is your circadian rhythm excelling at its workplace. Being exposed to sunlight of bright light in the day keeps you energetic throughout the day with quality sleep in the night.


5. Reduce exposure to blue light in the night

This also has to do with your circadian rhythm. Night time light exposure has a negative impact on your sleep pattern by indicating to your brain that it is still day time. Blue light is given out immensely by your electronic devices. Thus, don’t check your phone for that notification buzzing in at 1.30 a.m. because you sure are to be on that News Feed for at least 20 minutes after that. You can avoid blue light exposure by using glasses or downloading apps that block this light.


6. Do away with day time naps

We know that the 15-minute power naps work. But who can guarantee that those 15 minutes don’t turn into 2 hours? Probably just your alarm, but even that can be hushed! That daytime nap will mislead your body clock and disrupt your night’s peace.


7. Avoid caffeine before bed time

We all know this one; it has been repeated multiple times. The morning coffee boosts your energy for the day, so the night coffee will obviously do the same thing. In fact, consuming too much caffeine after 4 p.m. is not recommended. Thinking of a hot Cappuccino whilst on your midnight drive? Think again. Or go for a decaf to satisfy your craving, unless you want to pull an all-nighter.


8. De-clutter your mind

Many a times, we can’t find sleep because we are too busy finding answers to questions popping out like popcorn into your head, mostly completely random. Would you really want to give up sleep for a “Why do oranges have that white thread-like material?”? Other times, sleep may take a backseat whilst you are dealing with a whole lot of stress. So, relax your mind and clear those thoughts before heading to bed. It is definitely easier said than done. That is why people usually have a routine before sleeping. Perhaps slow soft music, a good old novel or a quick meditation session.


9. Refrain from consuming fluids before sleeping

It is often recommended to not drink large amounts of liquid, maybe 1-2 hours before sleeping. This will cause you to wake up in the night for a bathroom visit, thus, interrupting your peaceful sleep. There is a medical term for this too – nocturia.


10. Get a comfortable bed

Your bed plays a big role in your sleep, obviously! So, get a perfect bed that lures you to it every night. You can find some modern bed for sale here. Opt for one you simply cannot resist! This will surely get you going.

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