How to Get Dressed on a Date


First impressions last and your physical appearance is the first thing that your date will notice so it is a must to give some extra time and effort on how will you look during your date. It is important that you look well and dress well during your date. Alex Wise of dating site gives some tips how to look wonderful on your date in this insightful guest post.

Wear something that suit the occasion or place where you will have your date. Like if you will have a date in a high class restaurant go get yourself long sleeve polo and black slacks. When your date was at the cinema you can wear a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.

You should also make sure that your attire would match on the attire of your date. If you wasn’t sure on she would wear, you can ask her what would be the dress code. It’s okay.

Make sure that all your clothes are properly laundered, free of dirt and unwanted smell. Put some cologne (not too strong perfume), it is important that you smell good at your date. Also check on how it fits you, too loose or too fit shirts look very odd. Make sure to wear something that fits you perfectly.

And of course don’t forget about what to wear on your feet. It is also important to wear shoes that would also match your attire. Have some black leather shoes for your casual attire, while you can have a good pair of sneakers with your pants and t-shirt.

Lastly, pay a little more attention with your hygiene. Yes it is very important, take a good shower and shave directly before you get dressed. Brush and floss your teeth, make sure that there is no stuck food left between your teeth, finish it with a mouth wash. Also you have to trim your nails. Fix your hair and put on some cologne.

Wear something that suits the place, you can wear a classy dress when you are in a fine dining restaurant. You can have a simple dress when you are going out on a cinema. You can also ask your date what is the dress code if you aren’t sure where to go.

Shower directly before you get dressed and moisturized, you can use some scented lotion for your skin. Don’t put too much to make it not too greasy. Just a small amount that is enough for your skin to moisturize, pluck does unwanted facial hairs, those above your nose and some extra eyebrows hair.

Brush and floss your teeth, it is very important. Finish with a mouthwash.

Trim your nails, you can cut it short at a little long, give yourself sometime to get some manicure and nail polish.

Lastly, get your hair done, you can put a cute clip or just go with your usual hair style. Put some cologne or perfume; add some make-up (light make-up).

There ladies and gentlemen, always be at your best when you are going on a date. Be confident! And wear your biggest smile.

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