A Simple Way To Solve Problems: Share It With Others

problems, solve problems

Is there anyone without problems in life?

Life is a game. We are all players in it. Sometime we play well, and many times we fall down. Everyone is given the level playing field and nobody is treated special. Everyone happens to get to play the game fairly. Therefore, it is not the system that makes a person to perform differently; rather, it is person’s individuality that makes the difference between playing deftly and failing over and over.  We all encounter failures in our lives one time or the other. What makes our life better is when we learn to get up and get going, however, not to feel a victim.

We are not alone

Are we alone when we fall in our game? Fortunately, no!  We all have family, friends, and colleagues to help us to get up and get back into the game. Nevertheless, before we take the help we must be aware of our problems and communicate clearly with the person who is helping. Among all issues we face in our daily lives, financial is one of them.

In addition, we may find it difficult to discuss our financial or relationship issues with everyone. We need to develop sense of security and confidentiality with the person we want to confide our problem. Therefore, we need to carefully chose whom we want to confide our issues.

Interestingly, many of us find it difficult to seek out or ask for help from relatives and friends when we are in financial trouble. All the more, ego prevents us from seeking out the help we need most. Having ego is not at all bad, provided the energy is utilized positively.

Positive uses of our ego

Many successful people use ego constructively. For example, just imagine how if we refuse to accept failures in our business and keep trying it till we succeed. Are we not just using ego not to accept defeat even under criticism, discouragement, and duress, and keep doing it till we get it right. Many highly accomplished personalities have used this energy to reach their pinnacle of success. They never gave up till they succeeded. Therefore, do not let your ego come in your way in asking for help, instead, use it to increase your determination to overcome your problems. It helps.

Picking someone to share your burden

Further, the person you will be choosing should be in a position to judge you based NOT on your past performance, instead, he or she should see you as person with unique qualities, but lack direction. In other words, the person should be well known to you and understand you well. The mutual trust is the key here. You don’t want any person who lacks integrity and trust as it adds salt to your already sour wounds!

Discuss your problems in detail with the person, and be aware that just by talking about your problems you can gain clarity into your own problems, and you may even find solutions to your problems in the process. That is the power of sharing! When you share your burden with your friend, you feel the heaviness on your shoulders comes down considerably!

Women can share better than men

Women have great ability to share their problems and most men are just opposite. Keeping the stress within will not only manifest in other forms, like nerve weakness, headaches, and acidity to cite few examples, but also makes you confused as you cannot see the real problem that is afflicting and crippling you. Find a suitable person and put your heart out to that person. You will be glad that you did.

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