How To Choose Glasses That Flatter Your Features

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Choosing glasses is more than a simple prescription fix. There are shapes, colors, and textures all worth considering that can help you flatter your features.

Glasses aren’t just a visual aid; they are a defining accessory that can either spotlight your best features or clash with your personal style. With many shapes, colors, and designs, choosing the right frames is a veritable art that demands a harmonized interplay between your face structure and fashion preferences. Here’s how to artfully choose glasses that flatter your features and complement your face, style, and budget.

Understanding Your Face Shape

The first step in finding the perfect glasses is understanding your unique face shape. Whether you have a round face with soft, curved lines, an angular square face, an elongated oval face, or a heart-shaped profile with a broad forehead and tapered chin, your goal is to create balance with your frames.

For round faces, consider angular or geometric frames that add definition. Oval faces are fortunate—all frame shapes typically suit them, but it’s all about finding a pair that doesn’t overwhelm the balance. Square faces can soften their features with round or oval frames. Individuals with heart-shaped faces can play with cat-eye shapes or rounder frames to emphasize the eyes and soften the broader forehead.

Matching Glasses to Your Face Shape

After identifying your face shape, it’s time to explore the handful of eyeglass styles that suit you. For instance, if you have a round face, you might want to steer clear of tiny frames that add more circular elements and instead opt for rectangular or square frames for a more flattering look. Similarly, if your face is angular, choosing round frames to counteract the sharpness provides a pleasing contrast.

Think about the frames’ size, scale, and comfort, and consider the occasion for which you choose the glasses. A larger, bolder frame may be perfect for adding flair to your daily work attire, while smaller, more delicate frames might be the touch of professionalism you need for a meeting.

Personal Style Considerations

Your glasses should be an extension of your style—not an alien addition. Weave them into the fabric of your daily ensembles by considering color, design, or current fashion trends.

When it comes to color, it’s not just about aesthetic appeal; different shades can complement your complexion. Warmer skin tones often work well with browns, ambers, and tortoiseshells, while cooler tones can rock grays, blues, and purples.

Transparent frames are a trend that suits just about everyone and are great, versatile additions to your wardrobe. Understanding your skin tone and face shape can help you choose a flattering glasses frame color that’s uniquely you.

Shopping for Your New Look

Now that you know your face shape and style preferences, it’s time to shop. If possible, try to visit a brick-and-mortar store, as you can’t beat the experience of trying on various frames under expert guidance. Focus on how the glasses feel, the lenses you need, and whether they enhance your vision and style.

By intentionally choosing glasses that flatter your features, you’re not just seeing the world more clearly but showcasing your best version of yourself. It’s a small change with a big impact, and it’s all about celebrating your unique beauty.

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