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Romanovamakeup is a manufacturer of decorative cosmetics, through which you can emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the skin. The brand offers a large selection of cosmetic brushes: they differ in shapes, sizes, and purpose.

Knowing which brush is used for what, you can make your daily makeup interesting and varied. It is only important to apply the brushes correctly and ensure proper care for them.

Types of brushes

Professional makeup brushes differ from each other by several criteria at once: the area of use and the type of pile.

The Romanovamakeup brand offers such types of cosmetic brushes as:

  • For applying foundation. A flat brush is in demand among both experienced makeup artists and beginners. It is used to distribute the foundation and create the thinnest, imperceptible layer.
  • For concealer. Small in size, the brush is used for applying compositions with a dense texture that require effort when shading. Using a flat brush, you can easily hide imperfections on the skin of the face.
  • For blush. Brushes are used to apply dry textures to cheekbones, apples of cheeks. A distinctive feature is the presence of a beveled edge, which contributes to a convenient distribution of cosmetics.
  • For the highlighter. Artificial pile is used for the production of such brushes: it does not absorb the texture of the cream, which makes it easy to distribute the highlighter over the cheekbones.
  • For shadows. The brush is used to create both daytime and evening makeup. Applying shadows with a high-quality brush allows you to achieve the effect of professional makeup.
  • Another type of brushes is for shading. With its help, you can create a light haze over or under the eyelid in just a few seconds. Shading is performed only after the main shades of shadows are applied. It is important to note that the brush must be clean: it is used only at the borders of different tones to mix them and create a uniform transition.

You can find all the varieties of such brushes on You can order both individual tools and a makeup brush set.

Ease of use

In addition, you can purchase a set of makeup brushes or assemble it yourself, choosing only those models that will be used regularly.

Applying decorative cosmetics with professional makeup brushes is a guarantee that makeup will look stylish, effective and will last on the skin for a long time, preserving the original appearance.

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