Which color glasses suit me?

Do you want new eyeglasses. You can easily find them online on Cliclime. Have you found a nice frame? Then the next question is: which color glasses suit me? The answer to that question depends on the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, and the undertone of your skin (cool or warm).

You have blue eyes: Opt for frames in a warm color, such as terracotta, copper or cognac, if you want your blue binoculars to stand out. Blue glasses provide a calm look.

You have green eyes: A frame in a strong color, such as purple, wine red or mahogany, makes green eyes speak. Go for glasses in a green tint if you prefer a neutral look.

You have brown eyes: With brown or black glasses you are in the right place anyway. Prefer something striking? Try red or blue glasses!

You have (light) blond hair: Glasses with a soft pastel color are made for you. Prefer something striking? Try coral red glasses. Be careful with dark frames, because they can make your appearance ‘hard’.

You have dark blond or brown hair: Choose a frame with a warm color, such as ocher yellow, mahogany, cherry red, army green and terracotta.

You have red hair: Frames with a strong, striking color look great on you, but you can also have softer, warm, earthy tones. Think brown, copper and khaki.

You have black hair: Choose a black or mottled (tortoise) frame. A metal or titanium frame will also look good on you. Be careful with pastel shades, they can make you pale.

You have (white) gray hair: Try frames in a bright, bold color like coral red, mint green or navy blue. Black or metal frames also go well with gray hair.

Which prescription glasses frame color matches the undertone of my skin?

Finally, you can look at the undertone of your skin. We distinguish between a cool and a warm undertone. You can find out if you have a cool or warm undertone with a simple test:

Take a white A4 and hold it against your skin, for example against your forearm.

Does your skin have a pink, red or blue undertone? Then you have a cool undertone.

Does your skin have a yellow or golden undertone? Then you have a warm undertone.

If you have a warm undertone, then warm, outspoken colors look good on you. Think of colors such as cognac, terracotta, cherry red and army green. If you have a cool undertone, cool, fresh colors will look good on you, such as blue, purple, and gray.

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