How to choose the right skin care products?

Choosing the right skin care products is important to keep your skin in the best condition. First you will have to determine your skin type. Determining your skin type yourself is not difficult. You feel the best skin yourself. If your skin regularly feels tight, you have dry spots or flakes in your face or you react strongly to cosmetics / care products, then you probably have fairly dry skin and sensitive skin. On the other hand, there are also people who often have a shiny face and whose skin feels greasy. It is advisable to choose a day cream that does not make your skin even greasier.

You can find skin care in different packaging. These are the advantages and disadvantages of different packages:

In a jar

I think this is the most common variant: the day cream in jars. The advantage of such a jar is that you can easily remove the cream. Also the last leftovers. A major disadvantage of day cream in jars is that your fingers come into contact with the day cream that remains in the jar. As a result, you ‘contaminate’ your cream with bacteria. Often the jars are also somewhat heavier which makes it more difficult to take with you on a trip. And then we hope that the lid will stay put properly …

In a pump

I personally prefer skin care in a pump because you do not contaminate the remaining cream with your fingers. You can easily take the right amount and you throw the pump into your suitcase or sports bag without any problems. A disadvantage is that you can’t actually get to the last bit of cream because you can’t open most pumps.

In a tube

Tubes take up little space in your bathroom cabinet, can be cut open for the last leftover and they are easy to take with you when traveling or to the gym. A disadvantage of a tube is the correct dosing of the cream.

Hydrate your skin

I have a difficult skin myself and have tried all kinds of different creams. Try different brands, you will automatically feel what works best for you.

Choosing a good facial cream seems like a simple task if you see the oversaturated market. There is something to think of everything. For under the eyes, above the eyes, for the cheeks, around the lips. Remember special skin care products have a specific ingredient, which, for example, scientifically proven works well for the skin, specifically on certain parts. By adding this ingredient to a cream, a cream can and may suddenly be called an eye or lip cream. This also applies to anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle circle creams. A good example is hyaluronic acid.

You can see a day cream as a multi-vitamin. It also contains a bit of everything. For example, most day cremes have an SPF factor. That is nice if you spend a lot of time outdoors with your face in full sun.

It is important to choose a cream that hydrates and nourishes your skin. You notice this in principle immediately when you apply a cream. It must be absorbed immediately and blend well with the skin, leaving it soft and supple for hours. Many conventional creams are made from water. This gives the skin a brief hydration, but you could re-rub your skin after about half an hour because it already feels quite dry and tight. A good cream is made on the basis of essential pure oils. The oils ensure a long-lasting hydration.

It is also important to keep a close eye on how effective your cream stays. As you get older, or the living environment or lifestyle changes your skin may have different needs. That is why I regularly change creams and read reviews from top beauty bloggers, a great site to really dive deep into skin care reviews would be beautyinquire. Just remember that one cream has different active oils than the other and just by knowing if you need a product for your dry skin or for your oily skin will make a big difference.

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