GlobePreneur Hon. Pauline Truong on How to Jet-Set Your Life to Success!

Pauline Truong

Congratulations to Pauline Truong ( for being crowned the Millennium Global Woman of Honor – an award is for ‘pioneering women’ and ‘outstanding legacies’! Pauline is the Founder and C.E.O. of Ascendo International Group ( and a stake-holder in a conglomerate of global companies, specializing in innovations to help clients around the world to globalize. She is also the Founder of (, ) – a global platform endorsed by celebrities, that empower and celebrate global entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds  to achieve their best. Featured in an Exhibition on Trailblazing Women and the Law, in a book on Career Makeover & How to Reinvent Your Success Abroad and other media globally, Pauline is a role model and we are honored to share her incredible, trailblazing journey and advice on how to jet-set your life to success.

 Pauline Truong


How has your experience as a refugee shaped your career path?
Pauline: My family has had a long history of taking risks in business and immigration and being outside of our comfort zones, and each time we beat the odds. We were originally business migrants from China to Vietnam, then refugees from Vietnam to Australia and expanded internationally thereafter. Risk-taking is essential for growth and can be very rewarding. Hence, I have taken risks in my career path, explored new territories, lived and worked in many cities and countries. My adventurous lifestyle combining travels, international law, innovation, investments, entrepreneurship, social justice, humanitarian work etc is wonderful. As a token of my gratitude for the freedom and great life, there are tenets of humanitarian work, advocacy and corporate responsibility in my work and businesses. It’s very humbling to receive awards and feedback from inspiring people: ‘I admire the divinity within you. The amount & magnitude of your excellent work has deeply impressed me.’ ~ Orthopedic Surgeon

 Pauline Truong


What attributes do people need to be a GlobePreneur?
Pauline: Global platforms such as will facilitate international business and globalization. People will be able to have great lifestyle businesses. Our global outreach is over 40,000 global entrepreneurs, lawyers, professionals and interested members from over 48 countries and we are growing rapidly. Our events in the U.S. and Asia have attracted over 100 professionals from around the globe.

To be a GlobePreneur, we need to be confident in our work and life, take risks and believe in ourselves. It is also good to be adventurous, open-minded to explore new opportunities and deal with new situations. Having great instincts and risk management skills is also essential. We need dedication and determination for the journey, the fruits of which are very rewarding.

What are your favorite clothing items to pack for global travels?
Pauline: I enjoy a combination of comfort, fun, active, business and evening wear. For flights, comfort and practical clothes are a must. So sneakers, hoodies, and loose clothing are great. Clothes with zipped pockets are also handy for small travel items. To explore various destinations, colorful active wear, paired with comfortable shoes are ideal. For business, I bring a combination of suits and dresses along with high heels. In the evenings, I enjoy dressing up for events and functions. When there are distinguished guests such as Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Celebrities and high profile people, I like to wear fancy evening dresses, paired with elegant high heels.

 Pauline Truong

What is your advice for people who are traveling on a budget?
  Travel is a lifestyle and learning opportunity that does not have to be expensive. For those on a budget you may wish to:

  1. Travel during off-peak and less busy times.
  2. Join travel rewards programs and associated services.
  3. Stay at an Airbnb type of accommodation instead of hotels.
  4. Check out the most cost-effective visa options for your particular travels needs. Sometimes getting a multiple entry or few-year visa is better than single entry visas.
  5. Explore the destinations yourself or with friends instead of taking tours. Life is a great adventure and there are a lot of guides and information available online and in print.

What are your five tips for safe travels and business overseas?
Pauline: I believe that international travels are an essential part of learning and growth. In brief, my 5 tips for safe travels and business overseas include:

  1. Stay in communications and connected to the right people.
  2. Subscribe to travel alerts and news regarding your desired destination.
  3. Be up to date with your vaccinations and bring the right medications with you (if any).
  4. Do your due diligence on the projects and people you are meeting.
  5. Trust and follow your instincts.

What is your advice to professionals who want to become a GlobePreneur? 
Pauline: My advice to young entrepreneurs and professionals in transition is to experiment with ideas, build a great team, dream big and be global, especially on :). Join entrepreneurship organizations. Create a life of intention, purpose, good health and compassion. Travel and learn. Life is short…create a business and lifestyle based on your passions!

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