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Cutting hair by the Moon cycle is a secret that was revealed long ago. However, nowadays people forgot this hint for growing long and healthy hair. The Moon influences nature and people, but do you believe it has something to do with your hair? If you are skeptical about it, you should give this topic a second chance and maybe make an experiment, if it won’t work you still loose nothing. Try Lunar Chart for Cutting.

The Lunar Hair Chart is a calendar and a schedule that refers to the best time in the month to cut your hair according to lunar phases. It is optional to trim your hair once in a month or two to keep up healthy hair look. Don’t cut a lot, 18” is enough. Getting rid of dry, lifeless and split ends you will concentrate more on the growth than on the instant revival of the ends. The same mechanism works in gardening, when you need to cut out dead blooms, so the plant won’t try to transport water to a bloom that can not be helped and will concentrate on healthy blooms. Cutting of the hair little bit every month will shock your hair follicles in a good sense of the word, and it would grow more intense and lunar calendar cutting can double this impact! Let’s go!

1 Goals for Cutting Hair by the Moon

You have 5 goals to relate to in particular days:

  1. To make hair longer. It activates the growth of the hair and increases the speed of hair growth up to three times more than regular hair growth tempo.
  2. To make hair thicker. Activates the growth of the hair follicles that were inactive or grew unevenly. Starts the new growth cycle.
  3. To make hair stronger. Makes the follicles produce stronger hair, healthier and shinier. The “quality” of the hair obviously improves.
  4. To make the roots produce more hair. The roots that were passive before start producing good and thick hair. Busts hair nutrition and delivers all the vitamins and useful elements to the follicles.
  5. To make hair more attractive. Total appearance and quality of your hair improves shines and seems robust and natty.

If you still don’t know which goal to choose for the start, we can advise you the 4th one – root activation. It is the most important part of your hair that produces new hair and if it is in good conditions total positive effect would be seen all over the length. It is a basis for a good hair growth.

2 Create a Plan to Cut

As you finally chose what to start with, look at the Lunar Hair Chart for proper cutting hair according to the Moon phase. The most profitable time to cut your hair is during a full moon, especially if it matches with equinox or solstice. Make hair routine plan taking into account these days.

You’ll find out that there are a few days to choose from for each goal. So if you are busy, you will have another day to choose. But notice that the middle day is the most effective in the group.

3 Cut your hair!

It doesn’t mean that you have to cut a lot of hair. Use the method by cutting 18” or 1” maximum to make ends healthy. Moon phases are important, but proper hair treatment is a major part of healthy hair.

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    Such an interesting post! I have never heard about cutting your hair according to the moon! I’m going to try doing it next time 😛

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