Must have: Non piercing earcuffs

earcuffEar cuffs are a huge trend right now, you have probably seen them on the catwalk on models, in fashion editorials and they are adorned by fashion bloggers and fashionista’s. The ear cuff was popular in the 80’s and 90’s and are definitely making a come back right now. They are fun and easy to wear, you can wear them in one ear or in both ears. If you prefer a subtle look I suggest to wear it in one ear. If you like to make a statement wear two. You can easily clamp them on your ear or nose and remove them without a problem.

What I love about the ear cuff is that you don’t need to pierce your ears. I always wanted to have my ears pierced or try a nose piercing but decided not to do it, I think an ear cuff is a great alternative if you are not completely sure about piercing your ears.

Non piercing earcuffs are very versatile you can use them for your nose too. They come in all shapes and colors. I personally prefer the 14k gold ear cuffs with real gemstones and sterling silver from iroocca. They are all unique, stunning designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

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