First Trip To Glasgow: Guide To Know Where To Eat, Drink And Party


Glasgow is an underrated holiday destination. The drinking and food scenes are pretty vibrant there. Be it a stag party or a stressbuster weekend getaway; make sure it is on your itinerary. It is one of the best UK stag do locations because many options for adventure activities, fun games, erotic entertainment and mouth-watering food are available at desirable rates.

It has a wonderful selection of Michelin-starred restaurants and casual dining places which can offer a mouthful experience. There are many drinking dens where you can party wildly with the locals while drinking delicious drinks.

Read on to know about some amazing restaurants and pubs in Glasgow:


One can never have enough in Glasgow because the place reeks off with extraordinary recipes and starters. The following are some famous restaurants where you all can go and understand what it means to eat till you puke and still a bite more:

1. Cafe Strange Brew:

Tucked away on Pollokshaws Road in Glasgow’s south side; this hidden gem serves the best breakfasts in town. Super-indulgent caramelised French pecan toast, Turkish eggs with coriander, yoghurt, chilli and toasted pita bread are what tourists drool over. It is perfect for quick bites in the morning to retain energy after getting sloshed all night at the amazing pubs.

2. Martha’s:

If you all are looking for healthy fast food options, then this is the place to be at. They have a wide array of cold and hot food to choose from, and everything is as fresh as the day. The best part about this place is that they have an in-house nutritionist to make sure your food is as healthy as it can be. Chipotle chicken with avocado salsa is one of their popular dishes. The place is suitable for a budget-friendly snack-out.

3. Cail Bruich:

It is a Scottish restaurant near the Botanical Gardens in the west end. It is the right place to celebrate the last night of your stag party because this place is as expensive and amazing as it looks. All the ingredients are fresh, and the two-course menu is what everyone goes for!

4. Red Onion:

Located in the heart of the city; this place is the perfect blend of a traditional and modern bistro. It is the brainchild of chef John Quigley. The place offers contemporary twists of Scottish classics, i.e. braised blade of beef and the haggis bonbons, Gunn beer and more. This shall also be reserved for a special occasion because of the high price point, and keep in mind that it is also a vegan-friendly joint.

For quick bites during the day, you all can fill your tummies with mouth-watering street food. However, don’t miss out on the options mentioned above.

Drinks and Parties

How can your night end without a crazy party, right? The following pubs are preferred by all tourists because of their thrilling ambience, pumping music and buzzing cocktails:

1. The Belle

It is considered West End’s cosiest wee pubs. This place attracts all kinds of clientele, i.e. fashionistas, suits, students and tourists. People are friendly and love to interact with strangers to get to know more about one another. If you want to party with the locals, then get right in!

2. The Doublet

It is the last traditional West End boozer. The rock-friendly tradition still lives on in this pub. This place also attracts students, suits and tourists alike. It is a two-storey pub where the main bar is located on the ground floor; that is where you all can party with the locals.

3. The Flying Duck

Vintage furniture, dotted walls and all you can imagine about a traditional nightclub! This is what indeed describes the place. It has the right price and location because you all can experience pub crawls too, as many other pubs, like Mono, Stereo and The 78, are located nearby.

Three options for a two-night trip should be enough, right? Go on, and party like you have never before!

Unveiling the Myth

As already mentioned above, this is the most underrated destination in the UK. You all need to understand what you are missing out on, which is why you should call up your buds, plan an itinerary, and run to the airport immediately. Forget about other stag do destinations in the UK; a single weekend visit will change your perception about this little wonder of the UK.

Go, Glasgow!

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