The Most Useful Skills To Learn

The skills you learn in life can make a big difference in how successful you are. The right skills can simplify your life, help you get a dream job, and make your home a wonderful place to be. They can make you more independent too. But which skills should you learn?

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Basic DIY

You don’t need to be a DIY expert and know how to build your own wardrobe, but some basic DIY and repair skills will come in very useful. A lot of women don’t learn how to do things like replacing fuses, or putting up shelves, so we end up either having to call in Dad or a friend for help or spending money on a professional to do something simple.

Learn the basics for yourself so you can make simple upgrades and repairs without help. Learn things like painting, putting up shelves, hanging pictures, changing fuses, and other simple tasks. You’ll be glad you did next time a fuse blows and you can solve the problem by yourself.

First Aid

Look into CPR & first aid certifications, and find a course to take. You may be able to do this through your work, without paying for it yourself, in exchange for becoming a designated first aider for the office. First aid skills are very useful to have, as you may be able to help someone in an emergency and keep them safe until the emergency services arrive. Even in non-emergency situations, it can be useful. You will learn how to treat minor wounds, and when you should seek more help, either from your doctor or by going to A&E. You never know when first aid skills might come in handy.


Being able to communicate clearly, confidently and effectively is invaluable. There are lots of scenarios where good communication skills will help you, such as in job interviews, giving presentations at work, or dealing with customers. Learn how to communicate clearly when you speak, and when you write.

Written communication skills are useful for CVs, professional for emails, professional newsletters, and much more. You can learn to communicate clearly through practice. Take any opportunity to use your skills and get some practice in.

Car Repair

Like DIY skills, some basic car repair and maintenance skills can save you the embarrassment of always having to ask your Dad for help or taking the car to the garage every time your car needs its oil changed. Of course, for big problems, you will still need a mechanic, but learn to do the smaller tasks yourself.

Even people who aren’t very car savvy can learn to do things like check their tire pressure, put air in their tires, check and change the oil, and change windscreen wiper blades. If you know someone who is very good with cars, ask them to teach you some of their skills. If not, see if a local garage offers any classes.


How many times have you had to throw out an item of clothing you love because it’s got a hole in it, or had to pay someone to sew back a missing button? Sewing is an incredibly useful life skill to have. You can use sewing skills, whether hand or machine (learning both is a good idea) to make basic repairs to your clothes, such as sewing buttons on or patching up small holes.

Sewing also means you can adjust your own clothes. Modern clothes bought on the high street are designed to fit an ‘average’ body which nobody really has. If you have the money, you can have your clothes tailored so they fit you exactly. Or, you could learn to sew, so you can make small changes to your clothes so they fit perfectly and look even better.

You can also use sewing to make your own clothes, so you have something unique and perfect for you. It’s also useful for making things like your own curtains, or special gifts for loved ones.


Everybody should learn to cook. Knowing how to feed yourself is incredibly useful. If you can cook even a few simple dishes, you can eat a much healthier diet just by cutting out processed, pre-packaged foods. You have a lot more control over what you eat when you cook from scratch too and can limit things like salt or sugar if you’re worried about them. Cooking from scratch is usually cheaper than buying pre-packaged foods too. It’s certainly cheaper than eating out or ordering a takeaway!

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