Femme Luxe Finery winter fashion tips for cold days

Who said that stylish and warm clothes do not exist? Here you will find excellent tips for getting dressed in winter with a stylish winter fashion look from Femme Luxe Finery!

How not to waste your body heat? How not to let the cold go through your clothes? How to complete your appearance with warm accessories? Discover the tips to dress warmly!

Comfortable at home

You know it, those fabrics that you want to feel right away because they radiate such an enormous softness. Femme Luxe Finery has an extensive range of home suits for ladies in the most wonderful fabrics. Perfect to snuggle away nice and warm during these cold days. Whether you work from home, have days off or can only crawl into these suits after hours: there is guaranteed something for you.

                                                                                    Loungewear set

Prefer fitted clothing

Everyone is looking for warmth during the cold winter days! And to stay warm, nothing better than fitted clothing. Why? It is very simple: the greater the air volume between our skin and the substance, the harder it is to heat and maintain it at body temperature.

Once the air is trapped under your clothes, it gradually heats up after contact with the skin to your body temperature. From this moment your body will no longer come into contact with the cold. So keep your fitted clothing nice and warm.

So forget about oversized clothes if you wish to warm yourself up during the winter. Rather opt for fitted and airtight winter fashion clothes that keep warm in all weather conditions: rain, frost, wind or snow! The cold colors among us have already noticed it: winter is getting closer. Warm clothing is the message!

Good footwear

In addition to warm winter fashion, your feet can also use some warmth. Because once you have cold feet, cool your entire body. Therefore choose shoes with a thick sole. This way you prevent the cold from drawing from the ground to your feet. Warm socks also help you on your way!

Layers, layers, layers

With layer fashion, it comes down to combining different fabrics and textures in a smart way. Warm clothing that gives you a fresh look. In this blog, we will tell you how you can best combine those layers.

black skirt

                                                                                           Black skirt

Hat, scarf & gloves

Are you going to work on foot? Or do you jump on your bike every day? Then a hat, scarf, and gloves are very useful if you do not want to arrive at work in a cold way. Although these pieces are often very trend-sensitive, it is best to invest in a few good basic pieces that match different looks. And which you, therefore, enjoy for many years.

Combine skirts and dresses with a thick panty

Fan of skirts and dresses? You can also carry that perfectly during the winter. Combine them with a thick panty that keeps your legs nice and warm. Are you really cold? Then you can also wear those tights perfectly under your pants. Or even better: go for shapewear. That way you feel nice and warm and you also get a tight figure.

jumper dress, femme luxe finery

                                                                                     Jumper dress

Warm winter coat

Enough warm clothing? Then a winter coat then finishes it off. Which model suits you best? When it comes to outerwear, an intermediate layer appears above your base layer. Here you choose material that insulates well but is also breathable. Are you active in the cold? Then a material with stretch in it, such as fleeces, can provide extra freedom of movement. But a somewhat thicker version of merino wool can also be a good intermediate layer. With trousers, normal or padded trousers can be worn over a base layer. More than two layers are usually not necessary around your legs. It is also less pleasant to walk with.

What is warm enough?

If it gets quite cold, a good insulation layer is important. Insulation can be considered as a down jacket or jacket with synthetic filling. These jackets are often lightweight and easy to compress. They can easily be worn under a wind and waterproof outer layer and you can store them in your backpack when it starts to get a little too hot. In dry, cold weather you can also wear the insulation layer as an outer layer. That gives you more freedom of movement and the breathability is higher than when a waterproof outer layer comes over it.

loungewear, femme luxe finery

                                                                                  Black loungewear

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