Women Fashion Trends that are Going to Be Big in 2020 (and Beyond)

While some women still cannot wrap their heads around the abundance of this year’s fashion trends, others are already wondering and thinking about what the fashion industry will have to offer next year. It is a big deal since it is not only a new year but also the start of a new decade, and many international designers believe it should be celebrated in style.

Looking at the previews from the Spring/Summer runways of the famous fashion brands, we are in for a treat. The designers have been very skillful at playing with colors, shapes, and forms designing intricate and unique pieces. Whether you are a true fashionista at heart, or simply interested in fashion and its tendencies for the upcoming year, there are several trends that will be dominating the big 2020.

Florals and voluminous dresses

Since the teases from the Spring/Summer 2020 runways are being discussed here, you are probably expecting micro-floral print which is completely suitable for these two seasons. However, let not your expectations deceive you, because the designers such as Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herera have stepped up their game and presented oversized, colorful, almost digital floral print giving their designs a more modern and stylish feel.

This print has been especially noticeable when combined with loose-fitting, lengthy and highly voluminous dresses made of tulle and numerous tiers. Dare to be extravagant by selecting this blend in pink color, as Oscar de la Renta suggests, or elegant in more classic black and white combination, recommended by Dior and McQueen.

In case you are not particularly fond of high-volume dresses, but you still want to be loyal and follow the trend, then you can always try some tiered maxi skirts which can be paired with a floral blouse and shoes or sandals.

Feminine party wear

While one of the main marks of this decade were comfortable and casual clothing items, such as sneakers or tracksuits, the following decade, or at least its first year will be again all about the elegant and chic evening wear. Following the rise of the feminist movement, this fashion cycle will manage to awake and through clothes, show the feminine side of each woman. Designing refined and stylish pieces will make it easier for woman to express themselves.

Given the presented ideas at the runways in Paris and New York, there are numerous options for achieving this look. Aside from the usual and traditional black and white combination, women can chose some minimalist and monochromatic styles which are visually impressive. Going by what the people behind a current bachelor of arts degree in fashion design in Milan say, a sharp eye acquainted with the traditional manners of tailoring combined with boldness is needed to create fashionable and fearless items of clothing.

Eco-friendly clothing

This decade, there have been many turbulent periods on the global level concerning the environment and pollution which can be felt in many international industries, even in the fashion one. During this time, the designers have become extremely ecologically conscious and particularly cautious when it comes to selecting fabrics and adapting the production to reduce waste as much as possible.

As could be seen from the runways, fashion companies are turning to more innovative forms and raw materials helping to decrease pollution and save the planet. Seeing how sustainability is one of the most demanding challenges the fashion industry is facing, the designing and manufacturing clothes made of eco-friendly textiles and using other renewable options will certainly keep the designers busy.

Practical pieces

As the years go by, the consumers have become more demanding, and with the expansion of social media, their voice is heard and recognized. The designers are willing to comply with their requests providing them with comfortable, but above all, practical and modern articles of clothing.

This first started with the well-known outdoor brands who offered useful and weather-suitable outwear collection, such as reversible jackets, presented towards the end of this year but the trend will sure spread well into the next and possibly beyond. Still, it is expected to see other fashion brands creating multi-use items to satisfy the needs of the customers who are creating compact closets and need more convenient clothes.

Renting and reselling clothes

Since fashion is becoming more sustainable, other options have appeared to reduce water waste and carbon footprint, such as renting or reselling clothes. The consumers are rapidly becoming environmentally conscious and favorably responding to both of these alternatives.

 There are unlimited opportunities when it comes to rental and resale markets. While the consumption of clothes has increased in the previous decade, the rapid technological development and environmental awareness, have resulted in endless possibilities for renting, usual attire for special occasions from the famous designers, and reselling already worn clothes.

There are apps such as Depop, used for buying and selling items, and platforms like Rent the Runway, which allows you to browse through their closet and rent the articles you like. These markets will only grow in the upcoming months because the customers get to be both eco-friendly and wear the wardrobe they like without feeling guilty.

Knitted cardigans

Apart from the trends for Spring/Summer 2020, the designers have managed to excite our imagination by offering a glimpse of what the Fall/Winter collections might look like.

The one item of clothing that reached the status of a must-have in your closet in this decade is a cardigan. This particular knitted piece will continue ensuring its iconic status as women all over the world like to both be cozy and look fashionable during the colder days.

There is no rule when it comes to comfortable and warm knitwear. You may choose a cardigan of your preferred length but the extra-long ones have been a major hit in this decade and some critics claim it will continue in the following year. Whichever cardigan you select, paired with a plain T-shirt or a classy turtleneck, along with boots or stilettos, will hit the bull’s eye. Also, wearing a gauzy and sleek cardigan will shape your silhouette nicely.

While we are slowly saying goodbye to this year and decade, the fashion industry has already prepared the new trends for the upcoming year and beyond. The designers have been trying to adhere to the norms of the market and satisfy the consumers’ needs which resulted in several of elaborate and innovative concepts focusing on sustainability and environmental consciousness. All that is left to do is to see how these predictions turn out and which of these anticipated trends will catch on in the following year and beyond.

Article written by Jennifer Hahn Masterson, content strategist at Spread the Word Solutions.

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