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Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is one of the cities of Morocco, famous for its pink-hued buildings and these ancient architectural assets are the reason that city is also named a “Red City”. The land is full of colours, aroma of spice is all over and hospitality is at its best. Marrakech is basically a city for the people who are culturally curious and are always seeking for a thrilling history of the land. Well, there are numerous places in Marrakech to spend some romantic time with your partner including rooftop dinners that are most famous ones. Jamaa el Fna is the square market known for its charming and enlightening ambience in the surroundings. Here are some ancient places that one should keep on the priority list while travelling to Morocco.


Top 5 ancient Marvels in Marrakech

If you’re the one who is historically curious to know every major and minor detail and is always interested in architectural designs then, Marrakech has some places for you to must visit. We have some top places lined up to make it all convenient for you.

  1. The Agdal Gardens

It is one of the huge gardens in Morocco that is located in Marrakech protected by the walls. Families can enjoy a picnic while enjoying the stirring view of the Atlas Mountains against the clear blue sky. The place is quite peaceful and it is always fun to be around the view that calm down your soul even if it is for a minute or two.

  1. Badi Palace

These only remain of the palace but it is also the most beautiful place to visit in Marrakech. At the time of its construction, décor material was imported from various other countries. There is a jail in with underground access for the prisoners.

  1. Bahia Palace

Bahia palace shows that how creative the king was in the 19th century. It’s tiled floors and elegantly decorated ceilings reflect the richness of culture and as well as the amount of wealth that was enjoyed by the king at that time. If you’re little more interested in an architectural history of the country then, Bahia palace one of the greatest buildings in Marrakech.

  1. Ben Youssef Medersa

It is a Koranic school, yes for years it was used as a source of knowledge for the children. The building was designed amazingly, architecture, tiled walls, pastel artwork and everything that cannot even think to decorate building this way in this modern era.

  1. Saadian Tombs

A burial ground that is regarded as a respectable place. Tiles used in these Tombs are quite colourful and Quranic inscriptions are used for decorations. This is one of the marvels of Marrakech and if you’re looking for historical marvels then, this is must visit place for you.


Stop living in curiosity, step out in the world and learn about the historical greatness of Morocco. Almost all of the above-mentioned sites are listed in UNESCO, preserved as the amazing illustration of architectural history. So, book your holidays to Morocco and enjoy the wonderful vacations in Marrakech. The city doesn’t end here but has a lot more to offer including luxury resorts, restaurants and ancient streets to ramble around.

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