5 Home Styling Tips For People Who Love Fashion

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Almost everyone loves to style their homes because it establishes a connection between themselves and the place that they live in. Anybody can design their home as long as they have a creative mind, a plan and the commitment to put it to work. Whether it is a complete renovation process or just a slight redesigning before putting the house up for sale, they want to feel proud of what they’ve done. It awakens within them a sense of belonging.

There are a few things you need to understand before you go ahead and start styling your home.

  1. Interior Designer v/s Self Designer

If you lack a sense of creativity you could always hire an interior designer to do it for you. Although some people might think otherwise, interior designers could in fact help to make your job a lot more cost effective and easier. Because they have a clear idea in their mind of what the place should look like and can even draft a blueprint for you to visualise it. In addition to that, they are also up to date with the latest trends in design. If you wish to do it yourself then do so patiently.

Follow your favourite stores for discounts and offers. Compare the quotes from several shops around you. Do a lot of research. Refer to interior décor magazines and styling books. Go through various online websites and shortlist the ideas that you feel will be the most feasible.

  1. Make smart and analytical decisions

Be aware of the dimensions of your place. If the ceiling is high enough then you have the liberty of placing large ancient mirrors and giving the place a majestic feel. If your ceiling is relatively low then stack the place with low level furniture items so the place appears taller than it actually is. Even place your wall hangings and frames lower.

Also keep your surroundings in mind. If your home is small and doesn’t receive much of sunlight, try to brighten it up by using light coloured paints and flooring. Also try not to cluster it with too much of unnecessary furniture. Remember, beauty lies in simplicity. Leave enough space to walk around your room.

  1. Invest in the future

Invest more in furniture that you are likely to keep with you for a longer time such as cupboards and sofa cushions and have a shoestring budget for stuff such as vases and pillow covers. Choose items that have a history attached to them. They always make for a good conversation starter. Buy the permanent furniture items first, before picking the rest of the movable furniture so that the styles do not contradict.

The bathroom, like the kitchen is what buyers root for. If you have a fancy bathroom it could really up your chances of being able to sell the house. Click here for bathroom styling methods that can be trusted.

  1. Pay attention to details

Ensure that the finishing work is detailed. Add a touch up to the walls that are fading or are peeling off. Clean your vents, window frames, varnish the wooden floors and furniture.

Crown mouldings are an elegant choice when it comes to decorating your home. Intricate patterns mould together the edges of the ceiling and the walls. It is also very cheap. For best results, choose a moulding with the widest trim.

Try not to add too many variations that could make the place look odd and overly eccentric. Try and maintain a consistent style throughout.

  1. Make the place bright and green

Keep the lighting optimal. Even the most luxurious and beautiful items can look dull in poor lighting. Add several illumination options so you could use the low wattage lights during the day and the bright lights during the night. Mood lighting adds a soft elegant glow to the ambience. Also, do not choose too many dark paints.

Add some greenery to your rooms. Make sure you have at least one indoor plant in each room. This not only adds a natural feel to the place but also gives it the illusion of being larger. It blends the outside world to the interior of your home. Also, some plants act as natural mood enhancers and can keep you healthy and happy.

You cannot always go with cliché designs. Remember that every room and house is different. What works for one need not always work for the other. So make smart and informed choices.

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