Guide for every women to stay safe on online dating sites

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Girls, online dating is our reality. While few years ago there was a lot of taboo going on about it, nowadays more and more people find their soul mates online. This is simply the world we live in and you know what? It is absolutely great to have such dating habits that can keep track with our busy lives. Online dating gives us the possibility to look for the best possible matches out there and connects us. You are free to follow your own pace and enjoy all the benefits of chatting to strangers. Online dating has more good sides, although there are some negatives we always have to pay attention to. Yes, we are talking about sexual harassment and these kind of negative experiences. Here are simple tips for women any age, which can help them stay safe while looking for their new love online.

  1. Register on verified sites only

The first step to safe online dating is using verified dating sites. Why? These sites have the best user protection policy, verified users and safe tools for you to operate in order to stay safe. Most of the time, your dating profile must be linked to some social media and include your phone number, which is why you become a member of well-linked community, and this means any harassment is easier to report. Yes you can find love online but always take safety in consideration.

  1. Ignore

One of the simple and probably first steps to stopping any form of harassment is preventing it before it begins. How? Notice if the behavior gets too weird. They ask for nudes? You get unpleasant questions? If you don’t feel right you are absolutely fine with simply ignoring the user. If it continues, you will have to go to the next step.

  1. Block

If you have reached the point where someone continually splashes you with unwanted content or harassing messages, it is time to opt for that block button. Most free dating sites have this option as a way of protecting their users and if you feel unsafe, you are absolutely free to block the user.

  1. Report

In cases you feel the uses is a threat to other women in the community as well, there is a report a user option. If someone keeps on contacting you without your desire to get any more involved and despite the fact you ignored/ said no many times simply report the user. You don’t have to be part of that. The dating site will take care of them, and ban the user for good.

  1. Screenshot

Don’t forget to screenshot! If your conversation with someone leads to harassment and sexual insults of any kind, you are free to screenshot the conversation and capture the evidence. We hope you won’t need to take this measure, but if it gets too nasty it is your absolute right to do such a thing.

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