CBD Oil Specialists Talk About The Benefits of CBD Oil

Over the past few years, there has been a debate in many countries on whether they should legalize the use of a certain common plant or not. Of course am talking about the cannabis plant. Also known as Mary Jane in most places, the cannabis plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids and the cannabidiol or popularly known as CBD is one of them.

Well, part of the debate is usually about the different medical applications of the plant, particularly the CBD. It is always considered to be safe for use as it contains untraceable amount of THC. This means that it doesn’t get you high as you might be thinking.

In other words, it is non-psychoactive thus you don’t have to worry about experiencing any mind altering effects. CBD dominant oils are always known as CBD oils. If you are using these oils however, you need to know that the ratio and concentration of CBD to THC usually vary depending on the manufacturer and the product.

With that being said, recent studies have been showing that the oil has a variety of health benefits that might help improve the life quality of people. Below are a few of them. You can also check out Thryve CBD Oil for more information on this.

  • Pain relief

One of the most commonly known benefits of the CBD oil is the ability to relieve one from pain. In other words, it has analgesic effects.

Well, this comes from the interaction between the CBD and both the immune system and the brain receptors to reduce inflammation and thereby alleviating the pain. Some studies and research have been conducted using a few rodents and the results showed that CBD oil was able to reduce inflammation in the rodents.

Another review back in 2008 also pointed out that CBD can be able to relieve you from pain without having any side effects on the patients.

  • Anti-Seizure properties

A person will normally suffer from seizure when the electrical activity fluctuates in the brain. Over a couple of years now, there has been a good number of high profile cases that has shown that CBD oil contains properties that can help someone suffering from seizure.

However, this was only confirmed recently after doing a controlled research on the effects of CBD medication on a few young adults diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. This is a type of epilepsy that is quite rare and is always accompanied with seizures caused by fever.

The research showed that those who used the CBD medication had their seizure frequency reduced by a median of about 40% thus showing the anti-seizure properties of the CBD oil. Click here to see more advantages of CBD oil.

  • Fights Anxiety

Most of us might be familiar with the fact that CBD is mostly used in dealing with physiological symptoms. Well, there have been other claims that states that it can also be used in therapies for mental conditions and this includes anxiety.

The University of Sao Paulo in Brazil did a research and found out that CBD was able to reduce the level of anxiety significantly.

The results lead to the conclusion that CBD can be used when dealing with social anxiety disorder. This is also related to the effects it has in the paralimbic and limbic areas in the brain.

  • Cancer treatment

Perhaps the most controversial benefit of the CBD oil is that it can also help in cancer treatment in different number of ways. It has been found that the CBD among other compounds found in the cannabis plant have some effects that can help fight against tumors. See this link for more on this https://theconversation.com/does-cannabis-cure-cancer-we-asked-an-expert-96876

This is enabled by the fact that it facilitates the death of the tumor cells in both leukemia and colon cancer. Additionally, further studies has shown that the CBD can also be used in stopping the spreading of cancer cells in cervical cancer.

However, even as the research and a lot of studies are being conducted and providing promising findings on CBD, you need to understand that all of these are pre-clinical. This means that the studies were not done on human or any mammalian test subjects. This therefore suggests that the findings shouldn’t be used as a conclusive proof that CBD can indeed be used for curing cancer.

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