Handbag Essentials Everyone Should Carry

Most womens’ handbags are packed with stuff. Whether you’re carrying around a water bottle, a novel, a pile of old receipts, or a spare pair of flats, you’ve probably overloaded your bag. This can damage the bag, and your shoulders, thanks to the extra weight. Instead of carting around everything you can think of, streamline your bag to the essentials. Here are some things that every woman should keep in her handbag.

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Aside from your purse, phone, and keys, what will be useful to keep in your handbag?

Phone Charger

A spare phone charger or a power bar can be a useful thing to have with you when you’re out and about. If you know you’ll be using your phone a lot, such as for directions or tickets, make sure you have a way to charge it, so you don’t get caught out by a flat battery.


Hand sanitizer is very useful to keep on hand, especially at the moment. Even when we aren’t in a pandemic, you never know when you might need to clean and disinfect your hands. Whether you ate a messy lunch on the go, and can’t access a sink to wash your hands, or you’ve been on the Subway all day and have been holding those famously germ-ridden handrails, a hand-sanitizer like Zylast can be a lifesaver.

Stain Eraser Pen

Spilled coffee on your shirt before a big meeting? Arrived to a date and realized your skirt has brushed up on something grubby on the way? These mishaps are why you should carry a stain eraser pen. These clever pains can be used to shift dirt and stains while you’re out and about, and save you a lot of embarrassment.

Safety Pins

Safety pins can also be a lifesaver. If you have a wardrobe malfunction, you might be very grateful you have them. Safety pins can be used to secure fabric if you’ve lost a button, or popped a seam, or can be used to secure a necklace if the clasp has broken.

Spare Earring Backs

If your earring back has come off and you can’t find it, this can be a real nuisance. You either risk losing the earring too or have to take them both out and find somewhere safe to put them until you get home. Instead, stash some spare earring backs in your handbag, so you can just put on a new one if the original goes missing.


Tissues are a real essential. Use them for allergies, a cold, wiping up spills, touching up make-up mishaps, or cleaning dirty hands. Buy a few of the small packs designed to fit easily into a handbag without taking up too much space.

Instead of loading your handbag with everything but the kitchen sink, try to limit yourself to carrying just the essentials. Your shoulder and your handbag will thank you if you’re not hauling around several pounds of junk. As an added bonus, it will be easier to find what you need too.

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